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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Room Mom Debut!

I was delighted when I was asked by Robby's teacher if I would like to be Room Mom. Of course I agreed, trying to play it nonchalant by keeping my giddiness in check until I was clearly out of earshot. As soon as I got to the car, both my Mom and Scott received hyper phone calls from me as I gleefully told them my fabulous news. I take this responsibility seriously, and plan on being the room Mom that will become the story of legends for years to come!

Most of Robby's classmates already know me. I spent a few hours in his class last week talking to his classmates about my amputation and prosthetic. I was hoping that the discussion would stem some of the curiosity. So far that has not happened. It seems that "Guess what leg Robby's Mommy will be Wearing" has become a favorite lunchtime game!

Now when I go to pick him up after lunch, I am met with hugs by not only my son, but from his friends as well. Almost in unison the kids begin chattering about my leg choice while putting in requests for me to wear a different leg tomorrow. Not only do they note and question my prosthetic, they continue to be fascinated with the location of the now almost mystical "chopped off foot."

I am hoping that my position as Room Mom will allow Robby's classmates to see beyond my prosthetic. Today is the Kindergarten Halloween party, and I venture to guess I'm as excited as Robby. Robby is thrilled about a day of fun, games and food with his classmates. I'm looking forward to making my mark as Room Mom! Hopefully, by throwing a great Trick-or-Treat party, I can recast my role in his class from the Robot Mom to the Fun Mom.

Pictures and commentary to follow after the party!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tune In Tomorrow

In May I was invited to take part in a television show titled "Health Heroes." The show was going to highlight bionic prosthetic devices and the positive impact that they can have on an amputee's life. I was honored to be included in this project!

Typical for me, I was nervous and insecure before the filming. Scott tried to surprise me with a hair make-over. Unfortunately the stylist crafted what rates as one of the worst hair cuts I've ever worn. There was nothing I could do but smile as I was filmed with the horrific helmet-inspired hairdo.

We traveled to Philadelphia in May for the filming, but I haven't heard much information about the program until a few days ago. I am excited to announce that my episode of Health Heroes is scheduled to air on the Discovery channel at 7:00 AM this Friday. If you are up that early, grab a mug of coffee and a doughnut (or two) and tune in. (I realize that the channel guide may state "paid programming" during this time slot, I have been assured that the Health Heroes show will be airing, not a Ron Popeil cooking demonstration.)

I have been hesitant to reveal this air date after the debacle from the National Geographic Show when I was told my segment was going to be featured and learned that I had been cut only after the show aired. I was promised that I have not been cut from this program, and that my segment will air.

Seeing myself on film is never a comfortable experience for me. I become my worst critic, over analyzing every movement I made and word I uttered. I am particularly nervous with this show because I remember how horrendous my hair looked. I'm hoping that I don't look foolish because my intent was to use this opportunity to represent the amputee community in a positive light. I don't know if I was successful, but I tried!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Hate Kindergarten!!

Robby had his first visit to the school nurse on Monday. After complaining to his teacher of a sore throat, hurt tummy and "farting ears," they took his temperature. It turns out that he had a fever of 102.3.

I picked him up from school and immediately called his pediatrician. Thankfully, his doctor was able to fit him into her schedule. Robby's strep test was positive (again) and both of his ears were infected (again)! This is his third bout with both ailments in seven weeks. Add his double pneumonia from 10 days ago and we have had our fill of illnesses!

I am putting the blame for the seemingly infinite number of infections on Kindergarten. Robby was rarely sick before he started school. The fact that he had gone through the first five years of his life without an ear infection I carried as a badge of honor. He was a healthy and happy little boy.

We have been fighting coughs, ear infections, vomiting and boogie invasions since the first week of school. I've begun to dread his finishing an antibiotic cycle because it simply signals that another illness will be visiting soon. At this rate, his memories of Kindergarten are going to be set in his pediatrician's office or from waiting in line at the pharmacy.

Robby is now on another antibiotic and is already rebounding. I debated whether or not he should go to school today, but I have opted to send him. His class is carving pumpkins for Halloween. I know that he would be devastated if he missed this fun activity, and I want him to have at least one fun memory from his Kindergarten year!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome Home Erin!

Yesterday was a special day in our little neighborhood. Our neighbor's daughter, Erin, finally came home after serving as a physician in Afghanistan for the past six months. We have all worried about Erin and have been anxiously awaiting her safe return.

During Erin's deployment her parents took custody of her beloved bulldog, Reese. Robby, of course, was thrilled that a puppy moved next door. In reality Reese is not a puppy and is not terribly energetic, both facts apparently being inconsequential to an animal loving five year old. He told Erin that he would help take care of Reese, and he took his responsibility seriously!

Robby and Reese have spent hours wandering between our two yards throughout the summer. Determined to teach the lethargic canine a trick, Robby was delighted when he finally "taught" Reese to run. This was achieved only through Robby keeping a bacon flavored dog treat in his pocket and running in front of Reese. (She stopped running as soon as she received the treat.)

While the whole neighborhood was eager to welcome Erin home, Robby was especially excited. He asked if we could put out balloons and make a sign. If nothing else, my son loves a party!

Five rolls of red, blue and yellow crepe paper ribbon were carefully strewn among the trees and fences on our street. It took him nearly 90 minutes, but our neighbor's yard, Mr. Bill's fence, and the mailboxes were appropriately decorated. It looked festive and patriotic, at least everything below four feet--the height of his vertical reach!

Erin came home yesterday, and it wasn't long before we were all standing in the driveway to say hello. Unfortunately Robby wasn't able to welcome her home. He was in bed, sick from a recurrent double ear infection and strep throat. I don't know which made him sadder, being sick or not being able to see Erin!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hallway Laps

Last week while scavenging through one of three of my kitchen junk drawers, I discovered my long lost pedometer. I tried to remember the last time I wore the pedometer, which was most certainly before Robby was born. I began to contemplate how many miles I walk everyday.

The next morning with the pedometer still sitting on my counter, I decided to satisfy my curiosity. Since it was raining outside, I knew that my walking was going to be limited to indoors, but I figured it would be interesting little project. After changing the batteries and recalibrating, a task which should have taken two minutes but ended up taking nearly twenty, I clipped the little counter onto my waistband and started my day.

Perhaps because I was wearing the pedometer I was more cognizant of my movements throughout the day. I was shocked at how many times I walked up and down our hallway traversing between the bedrooms and living room. It seemed like every time I made it to the kitchen or sat down in the living room, I was being called. I was beginning to think that a secret closed-circuit camera system must have been installed so that Robby and Scott knew when I was taking a moment to relax!

Seemingly every time I tried to sit down, I was beckoned by the squawking of my boys. When "Momom, I need you" wasn't echoing through the house, I was hearing, "Peggy! Come here!" from Scott. The reasons for the screaming ranged from "I don't like this cartoon" to "The phone is ringing." Did they really need me for either of those issues? I have one leg, yet I seem to be the only one in this house who is capable of walking down the hall to communicate!

At night after I tucked Robby into bed, I unclipped the pedometer and checked out my results. Without walking outside, and without changing my routine, I walked a whopping 12,129 steps. Considering that each mile consists of 2000 steps, I walked over 6 miles!

6 miles walking up and down my hallway, responding to the seemingly incessant inconsequential requests from the boys. No wonder I'm tired by the end of the day! I think I'm going to invest in a pair of headphones, and institute a new family walking program so I'm not the only one going up and down the hallway.