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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Happy Surprise

Yesterday was a milestone in for Hamlet, and in many ways for me. He experienced his first official babysitter. I am delighted to report that he was well behaved, happy and entertaining. I hate to admit that I'm surprised by his good behavior, but he hasn't been earning many gold stars lately for manners or listening.  The sitter even offered to watch him again, which leads me to believe that there was truth in her report.

I wasn't sure how Timmy was going to react to being left with a sitter, but since I had no choice, I was willing to settle for safe instead of happy. If he screamed nonstop, although certainly not ideal, the worst that would happen would he would become tired. I had the sitter arrive early so that they new "friends" could become acquainted. Timmy turned on the charm almost as soon as she walked into the door. 

After a few minutes I decided that it was time to go. I gave him a kiss and thoughtfully explained that I was going bye bye for a little bit and that he was going to stay and play with his new friend. I was anticipating a tearful goodbye. I received a happy and half hazard hand wave as he led his new playmate to his toy room. So much for my little sidekick missing me!

When I came home, Timmy was all smiles and the babysitter was raving about his energetic and happy demeanor. I used to be a babysitter, so I know that many times the glowing praise is not entirely accurate depictions of the day but rather obligatory compliments meant to placate the parents. I am taking the fact that he was giggling and playing when I arrived as confirmation that he enjoyed the experience. 

Scott and I have never really had a reliable babysitter for the kids. Knowing that we can rely upon somebody, other than family, to take care of and to entertain the kids while we are away is both novel and exciting. Maybe, just maybe, we'll plan a date night soon!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Phantom Reminders

I'm not sure if it was the rain or my body just surrendering after being in constant motion, but yesterday was not my best leg day. After I took my first steps I knew I was in for a struggle. The pain wasn't intense enough for me to be rendered immobile, but I hurt enough to be uncomfortable all day. I was constantly taking off my leg in an attempt to find relief.

Timmy was content to spend the day quietly playing with his trucks. I felt like a lazy Mom by not doing something more active with him, but I consoled myself with the knowledge that we were going to a play date in the park after we picked up Robby from school. It turns out that the park play date was a non-event. Although the other kiddos never showed up, we were met by torrential rain as soon as we pulled up to the playground. (More to come about the play date no shows in an upcoming blog.)

Hurting all day is draining. With each step I was rewarded with an electric shock shooting through my phantom bit toe. By the time I went to bed I felt both exhausted and disabled. I know that I am lucky to experience phantom pain infrequently, but when it does happens I can't help but feel defeated. Feeling pain in part of your body that is absent is infuriating!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Party Wrap Up

My little Koopa had a fantastic birthday party. He was smiling from ear to ear throughout the party and I could tell he was especially happy that his cousins were able to come. The grand finale, cutting his birthday cake with the sword, certainly did not disappoint!

The past week has sent me across the country, back in time for a World War 2 festival, and preparing for a party. I have been in constant motion, and the excitement is starting to catch up with me. I'm tired! I feel like I need a vacation to recover from all of the commotion from the past week.

Speaking of vacation, it is hard to believe that Robby's last day of school is Friday. Scott will finish next Thursday, and then everybody will be on summer vacation.  I'm looking forward to spending afternoons at the pools and lazy evenings by the fire pit. Because of my reduced workload, I'm optimistic that this year I'll be able to enjoy the season instead of struggling to work full time and take care of everybody else. I will still be working, but the reduction in hours and stress will hopefully translate into a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

With the birthday party over, I feel like life can finally return to a semblance of normalcy. Today I will be able to put away the cake pans and cake decorating supplies that have been littering my kitchen counter tops.  I'll try to make a dent in the laundry tsunami that keeps falling on me in the closet, and the dishwasher will be humming most of the day. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so Timmy and I can sneak to the farm for an hour or two. I think we are both in need of some quality playtime.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Party Time

After being away from home for nearly a week, it is nice to return to a normal schedule. I'm fairly sure that laundry is piled in just about every available corner of the house, toys are scattered throughout and I am certain it is going to take a week to work my way through the dishes that are collected on the counter. Even though I feel like I returned to a disaster zone, it is nice to be home.  Slowly but surely I will be able to restore order after the "bachelor week" enjoyed by Scott and Robby, and my home will return to our normal, manageable cluttered state.

The housework will have to wait another day because today is dedicated to Robby's birthday party. His cousins have never been able to celebrate his birthday with him because they can't travel during the weekends. This year we decided to throw a mini party midweek so that they could join the fun. Even though school is still in session, Robby's teacher and all of the parents have agreed to a field trip. He is delighted that some classmates will also be able to attend and join the fun.

The party is being hosted at the Taekwondo studio because Robby read that the honoree is able to cut their cake with a sword. It didn't matter what other activities were provided. Once he learned that he could use a sword, the deal was sealed. To be honest I'm not really sure what else the party will entail. I guess we will all be surprised, but as long as there is a sword, we can't go wrong.

Monday, June 05, 2017

WWII Weekend

Whether it be luck, the stars aligning or Robby's birthday wish, I was able to catch an earlier flight home on Friday. I made it to VA by 11 pm where I was met by my ecstatic Koopa running towards me at full sprint.  After gathering up my things, we decided to head straight to PA. We knew that the decision meant we wouldn't arrive until 1, but the trade off of seeing my Timmy first thing in the morning and minimizing the drive time to the WWII weekend was motivation to hunker down and get driving. 

Robby settled into the back of the car and quickly fell asleep. Scott and I were able to use the time to recount and decompress about our work weeks. Because their was no traffic at that late hour, the drive was easy. We pulled into my Mom's driveway and slipped into the beds she had made for us.  I was next to Timmy when he woke up in the morning, and the delight on his face made the late night drive worth it.

Saturday morning we all packed up and headed to the World War II weekend in Reading, Pa.  I was worried that the experience might not meet Robby's memories from the prior year and that event might not shine as brightly the second time around. Of course I couldn't have been more incorrect.  Apparently the World War II weekend gets better each year.

It is safe to say that all of my boys (Scott included) thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  Timmy was enthralled by the planes constantly flying, Robby relished chatting up any reenactor who had a spare moment, and Scott was intrigued by historical planes.  All three were engaged and smiling throughout the two day event. 

It is safe to say that it was a great experience for everybody. We're already counting down to World War II weekend 2018.