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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, September 27, 2019

GhostBuster on a Bike

My little Hamlet continues to be all in when it comes to reenacting Ghostbusters. First thing yesterday morning he donned his uniform and went to work, clearing the house of ghosts and other spooky apparitions. After I had sufficient coffee we took the ghost hunting outside so that we could keep the neighborhood safe.

Before heading out through the neighborhood, Timmy took great care to afix printed logos over the HotWheels emblems on the frame of his bike. He was delighted with the final result. We rode up and down the street and through our neighborhood for hours, chasing down ghosts and zapping them with his proton pack. I adore his imagination!

Riding for several hours through the neighborhood, but the adventure would have been far more laborious had I not been gifted an electric bike last Christmas. To be honest, I wasn't entirely thrilled with the prospect of using a pedal assisted bike when I unwrapped it last December. I viewed the motor as somehow cheating, and vowed to ride without the motorized help. After experiencing the pedal assist boost, I quickly changed my tune.

I love my bike! Yesterday I was able to keep up with Timmy as we rode for nearly six miles. I still felt tired, but not overwhelmingly exhausted after our ghost busting adventure. I would highly recommend a pedal assist bike if you are in the market.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

OPAF Needs Help

I am beginning my third year as a Board Member for OPAF (my second as Board VP). OPAF, the Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Fund, provides adaptive sport and recreation experiences for the physically and mobility challenged. We bring "First Clinics" to towns and cities across the country, and our events are always free for participants.

I was delighted when I was accepted onto the Board of Directors. I have always believed in the mission of OPAF, and I have experienced and witnessed the benefits that come from participating in their events. We do great work, and I am proud to be affiliated with such an amazing organization.

As with many nonprofits, OPAF has been facing a financial crisis. Corporate sponsorship dollars are dropping as manufacturers search to diversify their reach. Even though our operating costs kept to a minimum, the organization is struggling.  

We recently launched an online raffle to help raise funds. We are offering an impressive pellet grill (purchased collectively by all members of the Board of Directors) for the prize. Please consider supporting this amazing organization by purchasing a raffle ticket.

We appreciate your support!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ready for Fall

We were granted a reprieve from the unseasonably hot temperatures, allowing my little Ghostbuster to work tirelessly outside clearing poltergeists from our yard. He spent the entire afternoon running around the yard and riding his little bike up and down our street, blasting ghosts that were hiding in his path. My goodness I never realized so many spooky ghosts were living with us! 

While Timmy was busy blasting ghosts, I spent the afternoon picking up sticks for our firepit and readying the yard for winter. I stowed his summer toys and cleaned off the sleds. (I realize we have several months before we will need the sleds, but I would rather get them out and ready instead of wading through the heavy snow to pull them out of our nook.) 

I ended up logging 20,000 steps working outside, which has caused my leg to feel sore this morning. I know that I didn't cause an injury, but I am reminded of my activity with each step. The end of my limb is red and angry, which I find incredibly frustrating. I hate sore leg mornings!

It was nice being able to spend the day outside, completely away from technology and the news. We are supposed to have one more nice day before the heat returns, and I plan to enjoy the autumnal temperatures while we have the chance. After the sweltering summer, the cooler fall weather is a welcome change.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Timmy has discovered Ghostbusters and, like so many things in his life, he is all in. Ever since he saw the movie last week, ghost busting has been at the forefront of every game and just about every single conversation. While Robby and I were at the WWII event on Saturday, my Mom surprised Timmy by taking him to the Halloween store to get an "official" Ghostbuster costume.

Since receiving his "uniform," Timmy has only taken it off to sleep. Each morning he proudly dons his Ghostbusters uniform and proton pack and sets out to clear the area of spooky ghosts and paranormal foe. I never knew that we had so many ghosts living in our house!

His ghost busting has not been limited to our house. On Sunday night he cleared our local Baskin Robbins of ghosts before we ate our ice cream. Yesterday he encountered a fierce barrage of ghosts when we were shopping at BJ's, forcing my little ghost buster to sweep the store to clear the area.  

Timmy takes his ghost busting seriously. Not only is he removing ghosts, a very useful task, but he is bringing smiles to everybody he encounters. After all, it is impossible to witness an adorable ghostbuster sucking up ghosts without smiling. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Gettysburg WWII Weekend

Robby and I spent Saturday afternoon traveling back in time, to the 1940's.  A World War II weekend, complete with reenactors and restored vehicles, was being hosted in Gettysburg PA. While my mom entertained Timmy for the afternoon, Robby and I were able to explore the displays and talk with the reenactors about history. Robby was truly in his element.

Although we had a great time, there are two troubling encounters that keep sticking in the forefront of my thoughts. The first encounter was a reenactor who was posing as a WWII German medic. The fact that the gentleman did not have any true artifacts displayed and that he had, upon his own admissions, purchased bottles from Hobby Lobby to build a medical display, should have been my first clue. Even though he did not have any artifacts, Robby was polite and listened to his information.

At the end of his talk, the man mentioned that "Hitler got a bad rap" because he actually "showed a great deal of integrity." I was shocked, and I could tell by the look on Robby's face that he was also disturbed. Without pausing, probably for fear of my protesting his claim, he continued to explain that Hitler did not use poison gas against military troops, despite having both the means and the opportuniy. 

Robby piped up and reminded the man that Hitler was well-known for using poison gas against millions of people. Robby continued to defend his position by emphatically stating that Hitler had used poison gas against civilians, which most historians agree is far more cowardly than using the gas during warfare. The reenactor tilted his head, smirked and said, "Well, the Jews really shouldn't be considered civilians."  

"Mom, let's go. This dude is a nazi." Robby turned his back and walked away. I was disturbed by our encounter, but so proud of my son's integrity to defend history. While Robby was busy talking with representatives from the POW encampment, I went back to confront the nazi poser. Thankfully he was receiving a tongue lashing from an angry man in a modern military uniform. Instead of confronting, I noted the tent number and reported the encounter to the National Park Service, who was hosting the event.

Ironically, our second disturbing encounter involved the clergy tent. After listening to the recounting of battlefield church services during WWII, Robby asked if the services were nondemoniational so that all soldiers would feel both welcome and comfortable. The reenactor explained that the services were nondenominational, but not like they are today. "The n****r that was in the White House cowarded to Muslims. Things are getting better today, but not like the good old days. After all, this is America. We are patriots, not Muslims."  

I'll be honest, I nearly lost my damn mind. Again Robby and I turned our backs and walked away. I got a few feet away before storming back to confront this poser. I reprimanded him for "preaching hateful rhetoric under the guise of history." For the second time that day, I reported the encounter.  

We have attended the WWII weekend in Reading, PA for five years. We have never encountered arian undertones. All of the reenactors have always been careful to represent history without glorifying the positions of the Axis countries. I was shocked with our blatantly racist encounters in Gettysburg. Although Robby loves history, I doubt we will return to the event.