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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer of Awesome 2017

Happy Friday!

 Three  of the four members of this household are on vacation, essentially rendering the days of the week irrelevant. For the next eight weeks I am the only one who with be tethered to a schedule. Scott and Robby are on summer vacation, and Timmy is happy to tag along with just about anybody, especially if there is the promise of either lollipops or seeing animals.  I will be the only one with work responsibilities.

Thankfully my new job affords me increased flexibility, which will be put to the test over the next two months. Unlike other summers, I will no longer need to wake up at 4 AM to get all of my work done before everybody else wakes up. I still have projects and timelines, but everything is more manageable. I am less stressed and a happier person since I took my new position.

In fact, everybody in this house has benefited from my new professional adventure. I have more time to spend with Timmy during the day. Although I was home with him before, I was always busy and struggling to keep everything in motion.  Now I can log off and leave my work behind for a few hours, allowing me to concentrate completely on my little buddy. I know that I am a better Mom.  I am no longer constantly stressed and frazzled, a difference that both Robby and Scott have noticed. I am both happier and more relaxed.

This summer will be the real test. I'm optimistic that I will be able to enjoy more time and activities with my boys without the constant exhaustion and stress that arises from waking before dawn to tackle work. Even though I'm working, I'm looking forward to an awesome summer vacation with my boys.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Foul Pitch

Yesterday afternoon my work call was cancelled, affording me some unexpected free time. As soon as Scott came home from his meetings we quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool. With the ambient temperature in the high 90s for the 4th straight day, the water temperature warmed to a delightful 85 degrees. Even Scott, who is reluctant to getting into chilly water, happily hopped into the pool to play.

Forgoing the baby splash pad, Timmy happily joined us in the "big kid" pool. He excitedly kicked and paddled after his brother, desperate to stay in the thick of the action. Obviously Scott or I were always within arms reach of him at all times but we allowed him to kick and paddle on his own.  With the help of his life vest, he is becoming quite an adept water navigator. 

We were having a perfect afternoon. Everybody was having a fantastic time, nobody was throwing a fit and the weather and water were both ideal. Then a large plastic torpedo toy flew in the center of my nose.

After the numbing pain subsided, I managed to understand what happened. Robby, who is not known for his athletic prowess, was attempting to throw the torpedo to his Daddy who was positioned about 10 feet away from me to the left. Despite aiming for Scott, the torpedo flew straight into my face. It was a direct hit. In fact, if he were aiming for me, it would have been a perfect throw. Of course if he were aiming for me, I would have been prepared and not playing splash tag with Timmy. 

We were forced to leave the pool shortly after the torpedo attack. Robby was upset, and I was in pain. I know that Robby did not throw the missile at my nose on purpose. Not only would he never try to hurt me, but I also know that of he was aiming for my nose he never would have made contact. 

My nose still hurts. It's swollen, and my eyes are black and blue. I'm really hoping that it isn't broken, but a doctor won't be able to do anything at this point and it is not crooked! All will be well.  My eyes will just match the purple streaks in my hair for a few days. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Last Day Party

With the temperature pushing 100 degrees, playing in the fountains was the perfect activity for the end of the school year party! Early afternoon the boys changed into their swimsuits while I gathered the towels and buckets. Robby was excited to spend the afternoon with his friends. Timmy, not understanding what was going on, was excited by default.  

I decided to swing by Chick Fil A on the way to pick up nuggets and milkshakes for his classmates. After all, this was my last party for the year and I needed to end my room mom duties in style. Carrying trays of milkshakes and a large bag of nuggets, we were ecstatically greeted when we arrived.

Robby had a great time playing with his friends, running around and giggling nonstop. Timmy occupied himself filling and dumping a small bucket from one of the fountains. I am not quite sure why the bucket dumping was so fascinating, but I was happy that he was entertained and distracted from harassing his brother. I assumed a spot in the shade, although when the temperatures are that high there was no real escape from the heat, and watched everybody have fun. 

Every once in awhile I hopped out of my shaded perch to run through the fountains to cool off. All of the kids seemed excited when an adult joined the splash zone and I quickly discovered that they were willing to pause any activity for the opportunity to thoroughly douse me. It wasn't long before I was as wet as them, only I didn't have the comfort of wearing a bathing suit.

In retrospect I should have worn my water leg. I wasn't anticipating playing in the water, but I should have known that I would be coerced to participate at some point. My everyday leg wasn't damaged by the splashing, but I would have felt more comfortable running after the kids with buckets of water had I been wearing the proper prosthesis. Oh well. At least I'll remember next time! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Grumpy Timmy

Robby's first day of summer vacation is now in the books, and the day was non eventful at best. It was hot, muggy and Timmy was miserable. I spent the majority of my day trying to console a frustrated and uncomfortable three year old, leaving Robby to his own devices. He spent the majority of his time on the computer, playing Minecraft.

It was not my best parenting demonstration, but the summer is long and we will have time for adventures.  Yesterday was about toddler triage and survival.  Hopefully Timmy's fever will leave and my sweet little adventurous boy will return. Where Robby becomes loving and sweet when he is sick, his brother is the opposite.  Timmy becomes extremely grumpy when he doesn't feel well, making it nearly impossible to console or to comfort him. 

Hopefully Timmy is feeling better today because we have an end-of-the-school-year adventure planned.  Robby's class is meeting at the Shooting Fountains  for an afternoon of pizza, milkshakes and splashing fun. I know that Timmy will delight in the activity. He loves nothing more than being in the proximity of Robby and his friends.  Although Timmy loves trying to pal around with Robby and his friends, big brother has a different perspective.

Assuming he is feeling better, I will be spending my afternoon trying to wrangle and distract him from the "big kids" so that Robby can enjoy some time with his friends. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Water Weekend

The weekend passed quickly, but this time Robby didn't complain. He is officially on summer vacation which means that the day of the week is irrelevant. Scott still has a few more days to go before he puts this school year to bed, but soon he will join Robby in vacation bliss.  If this past weekend was any indicator, our summer is going to be awesome.

Saturday afternoon we took the boys to play in water fountains in a nearby shopping center. Timmy followed Robby around like a shadow, mimicking every move. I found it adorable; Robby wasn't nearly as impressed with his little copycat. We tried to convince him that copying is the highest form of flattery, but he wasn't convinced.

With the temperature in the mid 90's, Sunday we headed to the pool. The water was a tinge warmer than last week, but it was still too chilly for Scott to submerge. He was happy sitting in the shade, watching us splash and play. Timmy hopped between the baby pool and the "big kid" pool. I know that he will be in the big pool most of the time when the water warms a bit, but he gravitated towards the baby pool which was considerably warmer. (He is much like his Daddy when it comes to disdain for cold water.)

Today we will probably hit the pool again, although it will be significantly more stressful because I will be flying solo. Scott has to attend graduation tonight, so I will be alone with the boys. Hopefully the pool water continues to warm so we can all be in the same pool.  If not, I will be scoring Robby's cannon ball dives from a distance.