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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, January 12, 2018


I have a new respect for how stoically Robby has handled all of his ear issues. My ear has been packed with gel for 36 hours and I'm already at my wits end. I feel unbalanced, uncomfortable and frustrated with the lack of hearing. I am saddened to know that Robby has lived his life with similar circumstances, yet I'm incredibly proud of how well he has adjusted. 

Robby has been extremely empathetic throughout my ear troubles. When I complain about the pressure and discomfort, he fixes me tea and brings me a blanket. He tried to calm my nerves before the procedure by offering tips and observations that he gleaned during his own ear surgeries. He has been extremely sweet and caring because, as he puts it, he "knows all about ear crap."  

This morning my ear feels better. I suspect that the combinations of the steroids and the ear gel are beginning to work their collective magic. I'm hopeful that my day will progress as pain free with minimal ear distraction.

I feel silly complaining, but since this is my blog and I'm the one experiencing the ear trouble, I feel comfortable venting. Ear issues stink! Even when I am at my most frustrated I can't help but reflect upon everything Robby has endured, and will continue to endure, because of his ears. I am not happy that this has happened to me, but being able to relate to my son has been a shining positive out of an otherwise yucky experience.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ear Issues Continued

Yesterday I was optimistic that I would  finally be able to put my ear woes in the past. Although I wasn't looking forward to the ear procedure, the prospect of no longer dealing with ear pain was appealing. I have been dealing with ear issues since the summer. During the past six months I have consumed bottles of antibiotics and used a medicine cabinet full of ear drops. Nothing has worked, so I drove to the surgeon with nervous energy as I was excited about regaining an ear-pain free life.

Unfortunately my procedure did not proceed as expected. I emerged from the appointment with sharp ear pain, another prescription and an appointment for return visit next week. Apparently some of the tissue remains tightly adhered to the ear drum, which made removal both painful and dangerous to the structures. After a few (painful) attempts, the doctor opted to go another direction.  

My ear canal was filled with a thick goop which is supposed to help soften all of the tissues. I'm hoping that this works because my ear feels painfully congested, and now my hearing is completely blocked in my right ear. Trying to look on the positive side, at least the kids’ squawking isn't nearly as unnerving because I can hardly hear it!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ear Issues

With the temperatures hitting a sweltering (yes, I'm being sarcastic) 40 degrees today, I'm optimistic that everybody will be able to to go school on time and stay all day. I've enjoyed having them home, but after nearly three weeks I'm ready for a semblance of a schedule to resume. Of course, Scott and Robby (and probably Timmy) disagree and would happily accept any and all snow days offered.  

Although the boys are disappointed with the warming trend, the melting ice makes me happy.  I have a doctor appointment scheduled for this afternoon that I cannot miss, so the fact that I won't have to contend with icy conditions is a relief. After several months of pain, pills and an arsenal of ear drops, I think I am finally on the correct path. I have a follow up appointment with an ear specialist who is confident that he can help me find comfort and hopefully regain my hearing. 

My treatment plan started with a course of ear drops throughout the past seven days in preparation for today. This afternoon I'm having my outer eardrum debrided, which certainly doesn't sound pleasant although I'm assured that it isn't painful. I'm not looking forward to the procedure, but I am excited about not dealing with the constant ear pain that has been omnipresent since August!

The doctor speculated that the ear issues probably transcend the debridement, but hopefully completing this phase will be a move in the right direction. We are optimistic that the doctor will be able to further evaluate the structures once all of the "gunk tissue" is removed. Once he has a better view of all of the ear structures we will be able to develop a full treatment plan. I'm hoping that it is something that is easy to cure because I'm tired of dealing with physical maladies! 

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Human Barometer

 Robby and Scott both went to school yesterday only to be released three hours later due to weather. While seemingly every other parent was up in arms with the decision, I was relieved with the decision. The mere thought of driving on icy roads puts me into a tailspin of panic and anxiety. I have definitely grown wiser and more respectful of weather as I am aging.  

With everybody home for an early afternoon, I surrendered my tidying ambitions for the day. Timmy was delighted with the sudden return of his Daddy and brother.  He quickly transformed every room into the Island of Sodor with trains and tracks in just about every space possible. Robby happily hopped onto the computer and Scott climbed into bed to watch television. Somehow everybody took the early dismissal as a vacation. Except for me, who was left juggling work reports with making and cleaning up after dinner.  Oh well, at least I didn't have to clean as well!

Delaying my post-holiday de-cluttering was probably a good thing. As the rain began to move into the area, my leg began to ache. Unfortunately, my body is the best barometer ever! I can predict precipitation and temperature fluctuations with more accuracy than the Weather Channel.  I wasn't in enough pain to keep me sidelined, but I was acutely aware of each step. 

Today the boys have a delayed opening. It is safe to say that they are quite fond of the harsh weather thus far. Considering that it is only the beginning of January, I suspect that this could turn into a very long winter for this Mom! Rest assured, I'll probably know when the weather is going to turn before the meteorologists.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Tiny Tantrums

What was supposed to be the first week back to school post-vacation quickly turned into an extended break for the boys. Both Scott and Robby enjoyed school cancellations on both Thursday and Friday, translating to a one day school week for both of them. While every male in the house was delighted with the unexpected vacation, I have to admit to being moderately frustrated. Typically I love snow days and having everybody home, but on the heels of a long Christmas vacation, all I wanted was for my house to clear out so that I could start to put it back together again.  Hopefully this week the weather will cooperate with my house purging plans!

Timmy relished having everybody home, although he wasn't thrilled with being held inside. He saw some snow Friday morning and wanted to play outside. As much as we tried to explain that it was simply too cold (a wind chill of -5 would not be fun for anybody), he refused to accept our answer. Much of Friday was spent by my walking around the angry mass of screaming toddler in my path. When I left a room he simply followed me, threw himself down again and continued screaming. If I closed the bathroom door he sat at the entrance and resumed crying as soon as I unlatched the handle. If it hadn't been so frustrating it would have been comical!

Saturday was a tad better. While I still wouldn't let him play outside, I did bundle him up to visit the Animal Park. We didn't visit the outdoor exhibits but instead he spent several hours on the indoor climbing structures and playing in the activity room. He enjoyed petting the chinchilla but was not amused when the zookeeper invited him to touch the snake. Suddenly my brave and fearless little boy ducked behind me and started to emphatically chant "no no no no snake." 

The zookeeper encouraged me to force him to touch the snake, but I opted against her recommendation. Scott and I constantly warn Timmy to stay away from snakes out of fear that he will encounter something wild in our woods. Since we seemed to make an impression, I didn't want to undo it by introducing situations where it is okay to touch something that we taught him may be dangerous. When he is older he will learn the difference between good snakes and bad ones, but for now I'm perfectly fine with his "avoid at all costs" reaction.

Today Scott and Robby are returning to school, finally giving me a relatively quiet house. Fingers crossed that Timmy the Terrible won’t construe the calm as an invitation to wreak havoc!