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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, March 13, 2020


Robby's enrichment classes have been closed until further notice, joining numerous school systems in our area who have already made the decision to close. Scott's school system has scheduled a workday on Monday for teachers to prep for online learning. All signs point to him being home for the next few weeks but, as of right now, nothing has been officially announced.

Much to Robby's chagrin, his academic classes will proceed as normal. As thousands of new learners try to glean academics from their internet lessons, Robby will continue to proceed like a seasoned pro. He likes to tell people that he was doing cyber school before it was cool.

Because I already work from home, little will change in the next few weeks. With the exception of Scott being home, which I'm sure will become both a blessing and an annoyance, my days are already built around staying away from crowds and people. To borrow a theme from Robby, we have been quarantined before it was cool!

Thursday, March 12, 2020


As much as I try to keep him entertained, stimulated and content, I know that Timmy is bored with our quarantine. (We were quarantined before it was trendy!)  He dearly misses playing with buddies and having fun at bounce houses and play zones. Despite my efforts, I am a poor substitute for friends his own age.  

Yesterday I found a Timmy in the bathroom and a stream of urine on my floor. I asked him what happened, and he simply answered, "I was trying to see if I could pee on the door while sitting on the potty." He wasn't embarrassed, nor did he try to lie. Instead, he explained that he was conducting his own experiment. 

He cleaned up the mess and I redirected his efforts into some less disgusting scientific experiments. We made vinegar volcanoes in the sink and learned how to make tarnish disappear in my aluminum pot. When harnessed for good, Timmy's curiosity can become very productive.

He has taken to creating his own bounce experience by using our web cord chair. Sits in the middle, holds onto the sides and bounces around the living room. He has a blast and, other than scratching our nearly 40 year old floor, he isn't hurting anything. It is loud, but he has a blast racing his little bouncing chair through the house. 

At this point, our rules have definitely relaxed in the spirit of quarantine. We aren't quite "anything goes," but we are definitely teetering more towards the "eh, okay" continuum. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

22 years


I realized this morning that it has been 22 years since I walked with a healthy biological left foot. It is mind blowing to fathom that the first domino fell 22 years ago this afternoon, setting off the chain of events that ultimately led to my amputation. At the time I assumed that my broken foot would quickly heal and that the injury was simply a bump in the road. My bump in the road turned into a complete life detour. 

Although the memories of that day remain vivid, I find that I have so little in common with my pre-injury self. Her dreams and aspirations were so different than the ones that I hold today. While I'm sure that many of the differences can be attributed to maturity and growth, I know without a doubt that my life was put on a completely different trajectory on March 11, 1998. (Incidentally, it was also a Wednesday.) 

My life is definitely different than I anticipated, but it is filled with joys, challenges and wonderful people whom I would never had met had I not been injured. I can no longer imagine living the life I planned before my accident. Perhaps more telling, I no longer want that life. 

22 years is a long time, but I no longer mourn for the lost plans and dreams. Instead, I am left feeling the impact of more than two decades of life. Where has all the time gone?

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


It feels like the entire country is in the throws of quarantine prep. I certainly don't blame them. As the mother of a child with a compromised immune system, I know all too well the real-life fears that arise from the threat of an infection. 

I'm glad that people are starting to practice good hygiene and are more cognizant of possible contagious hazards. If we learn nothing else from this emerging pandemic, it will serve as a reminder that soap and water, hand sanitizer and disinfecting surfaces are all good practice and effective. If everybody kept as vigilant during the "regular" flu season, my Timmy would be considerably safer in public. 

Our local news has been providing both warnings and guidelines for how to prepare for a quarantine. Store shelves have been purged of toilet paper, soap, disinfectant and potato chips. A silver lining perhaps, but Scott and I don't feel the need to jump onto the bandwagon. For us, quarantine has become our norm.

I have been living in partial quarantine with Timmy since the beginning of the year. Scott is accustomed to thoroughly disinfecting and changing his clothes each time he reenters the house. We don't venture to stores, Timmy hasn't been to a bounce house or even in a restaurant for months.Timmy and I have become our own little village, sustaining with as little outside contact as possible. It stinks, but knowing that he is safer makes the effort worthwhile.  

Quarantine isn't fun, but sometimes it is a necessary evil. If you are asked to stay away from people because of exposure, follow the recommendations. While you may be healthy enough to fight off the flu or Coronavirus, not everybody is as fortunate to have a strong immune response.

Monday, March 09, 2020

Frustrated Birthday

Saturday was Scott's birthday and, as predicted, Timmy threw himself into the celebration. He woke up early to decorate the house and to find the special birthday hat. We then woke up Scott with a breakfast in bed, carefully prepared by Chef Timmy (with some help from me).  The pint sized chef quickly abandoned clean-up duty and opted instead to hop into the bed next to his Daddy.  He graciously "helped" Scott eat his breakfast, paying careful attention to finishing all the bacon.  

The doting continued throughout the day with Robby whipping up a batch of homemade nachos for his Daddy's lunch while Timmy carefully wrapped all of the presents. Every time Scott walked into the room the boys began to sing "Happy Birthday" and he was provided with so many hugs that I think his arms must have hurt. I made a favorite dinner, and we finished the day with cake and presents. I think he definitely had a great birthday!

Yesterday was not nearly as uplifting for Scott. He spent the entire afternoon trying to hook up his birthday present (a new TiVo system) to no avail. After three calls to TiVo and four to Verizon, he was left with the equivalent of shrugging shoulders and "we'll get back to you" from all parties. Needless to say, all of the good cheer that he banked on Saturday was redeemed on Sunday as he waded through hours of frustration.  

Technology, especially when it doesn't work, can become infuriating!