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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, March 06, 2020



Timmy's fretting about my missing leg bones continues. Despite my efforts to explain my amputation, to reassure him that I am fine and to demonstrate everything I can do with my prosthesis, my little guy is still worrying. He is vacillating between insisting, in a near panic, that he needs his leg bones and mourning the fact that I no longer have mine.  

I have explained, answered questions and proven that I am capable with my prosthesis. None of these approaches have worked, so today I'm going to try something new. Whenever he starts talking about my "missing leg bones," I am going to try to distract him. I have no idea if this is the right approach, or if it will even work, but I need to try something!

Distraction should be a relatively easy task. Scott's birthday is tomorrow and there is little Timmy enjoys more than getting ready for a party. I don't think I'll have any problem getting him to help me decorate, wrap presents or bake a cake. Hopefully all of the party preparations will push his latest little obsession to the back burner.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Missing Leg Bones

Suddenly, Timmy seems to be fixated on the fact that I am missing my leg. Specifically, he is concerned that "Momom has no leg bones" as he touches my prosthesis. Fretting, he always follows the observation by declaring that he needs his leg bones to walk and that he doesn't want to give them up. 

I've tried to explain to him the reasons behind my amputation while stressing that he does not need to worry about losing his bones. Despite my reassurances, he continues to fret. Yesterday he ran out to the living room at least six times to talk about momom's missing leg bones.  He then frantically feels my hands, my arms and my remaining leg to make sure that I am still intact. 

Every time he comments about my missing leg bones I try to counter with reminding him that my prosthesis lets me do everything that I need. He accepts that the prosthesis is good, but continues to worry about the missing bones. I can see his little wheels turning, trying to make sense of it all. I know he will figure his way through it and that he won't be talking about my missing leg bones when he is thirty.  At least, I hope that he won't!

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Overwhelming Process

My leg is extremely sore this morning. I am not having an issue with phantom pain (which is a nice change), but rather my limb is bruised on the end. I have been putting off getting a new socket for nearly a year, but my purple leg is screaming at me for my procrastination. 

I am not sure why I have been putting off starting the fitting process other than the fact that it is truly  inconvenient.  As soon as I start the process I know that my calendar will be filled with appointments with doctors and my prosthetist. Hours will be spent in sitting in waiting rooms and driving to and from appointments. The process, while not physically painful, is overwhelming in the time commitment it requires. 

I have been trying to put off the process until Scott is home for summer vacation, but I don't think that waiting is wise. My leg is sore, my liner is shredded and I need to be refit. Like it or not, I have to make the call to get the ball rolling. 

I know that it will be worth it in the end when I have a comfortable new leg. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and the appointments are minimal. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Park Hero

The temperatures rose to nearly 70 degrees yesterday. Our daffodils are beginning to show their flower buds and I spotted the first crocus flower blooming in my neighbor's yard. I am begrudgingly accepting that the snow we had been anticipated for snowmen and sledding is not going to materialize this year. It feels like winter missed us completely.

According to my Facebook memories, we should have spent yesterday afternoon throwing snowballs and sledding. Instead we were playing at the park and enjoying the warm air. Between the obscenely hot summer and the warm winter, this year's weather has been weird!

To Timmy's delight, Robby agreed to go to the park to play with him. In his adoring little eyes, there is nothing better than having his big brother spend time with him at the park. Timmy grinned and giggled the entire way to the park. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car the boys took off running towards the swings. 

The brothers played, explored and ran for nearly two hours. Timmy kept running to me to get a drink of water and to declare that it was "the best day of my whole life." Robby, witnessing Timmy's enthusiasm first hand, felt like a superhero for making Timmy so happy.  

We may not have been playing in the snow, but we had a great time yesterday!

Monday, March 02, 2020

I am an idiot.

I am an idiot.  

I don't write those words lightly. Over the past few months I have been on a mission to be kinder and gentler with myself. Whenever I find my inner dialog engaging in a one-sided conversation that is reminiscent of an enemy instead of a friend, I have tried to pause and reframe my perspective. Unfortunately, right now, the only way to frame my current situation is to agree (as gracefully as possible) that I am an idiot.

Over the weekend the boys and I headed to PA to visit my Mom and niece. Robby and Timmy were both happy for the change of scenery and for the spoiling that they always experience whenever we visit. While I was looking forward to relaxing with my Mom and the kids, I also wanted to help her tackle some projects around the house. 

On Saturday afternoon, Robby, Tiffany (my niece) and I went into the bathroom to begin the biggest project of the weekend: replacing the baseboard heater.  I've never before replaced a baseboard heater, but I reasoned that it was not difficult. I figured that it would take about 30-45 minutes to complete the job. 

I should have factored our inexperience into the timeline. An hour into the project and we still had not yet removed the existing heater. Needless to say, the "easy" project managed to highlight our team's inexperience and lack of technical knowledge!

After an hour we managed to remove the existing baseboard. I took the staple gun to tack down the end of the linoleum, which was curl from the edges. I had never before used a staple gun, but it looked like a drill and seemed easy, so I figured it would be easy. At this point, I just wanted to get the job done quickly so that we could move onto dinner. I grabbed the staple gun, plugged it in and lined up the end onto the linoleum.

I heard the staple fly and ping onto the ground. I figured that I didn't have the gun positioned correctly, so I pressed the tip down harder and pulled the trigger again.  Again, I heard the staple fly out and ping across the ground. After probably 30 misfires, I changed (what I could only assume to be) the pressure setting.  I pressed the gun hard against the linoleum, pushed down with more force and pulled the trigger.

S#*t! I fired four staples into the palm of my hand. Ouch does not adequately describe the pain of the realization. I quickly pulled the staples out and applied pressure. I quickly realized that I had been holding the staple gun upside down. 

So in my zeal to push through a project quickly, I stapled my hand because I had been holding the staple gun upside down.  I am an idiot is really the only adequate explanation for why my hand is still hurting this morning.

** We ended up bandaging my hand and finishing the install.  My Mom now has a brand new (working) heater in her bathroom, and the kids have the satisfaction of a job well done. They also had a real life demonstration about why it is important to slow down when working with tools.