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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Long Week

It has been a long time since I have been sick for more than a day or two. Of course, the timing could not have been worse. With Scott returning to work this week and Robby set to start fifth grade on Monday, I had the days planned with adventures and back-to-school prep. I certainly didn't plan to spend the last week of summer holed up at home hacking all day. 

In excruciatingly slow fashion I am beginning to recover from this blow of bronchitis. I can feel myself getting stronger, and the intensity of my cough is starting to lessen. Hopefully I'll be well enough to resume a somewhat normal schedule by the beginning of the week. I am over being sick!

I am having a difficult time grasping the reality that Robby is entering the fifth grade.  Didn't he just start kindergarten? I look at him and wonder where my little boy went. He is growing up so quickly it makes my head spin. He is no longer a little kid. He is a young man. I don't think my heart will ever catch up to his biological age.  

I'm going to spend the weekend resting and getting my fifth grader ready for school. He is ready and excited about the challenges of the year ahead. Let's hope the enthusiasm lasts beyond the first day.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Last Week of Summer Washout

I wish I were writing a fun-filled post today, detailing a wonderful adventure during the last week of summer vacation. I had grand plans of taking Robby and his friend on a pirate boat, of going fishing and of jumping one final time at the trampoline park. This week was going to be full of activity and memories as we said goodbye to summer vacation.

Unfortunately I am still feeling ill from bronchitis. If wishes and desire were enough to heal I would be well by now. My body doesn't seem to be cooperating because it is taking me entirely too long to recover.  I am blaming my age. I just don't bounce back as quickly, especially when my lungs are involved.

Instead of enjoying the weather and the last week of vacation, I have been sequestered inside where I am both coughing and miserable. Timmy has been a champion, content to watch the non-stop Zack and Quack cartoon marathon I am streaming for his entertainment. I don't like encouraging him to watch television, but right now I have little choice. With Scott already back at work, I need to keep Timmy occupied and happy with minimal effort so that my body can rest and heal.  I will deal with the Mommy guilt later.

Have I mentioned that I hate being sick?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Yesterday Robby and Rowan (his friend from down the street) decided to open a lemonade stand. Unlike the traditional entrepreneurial venture designed to make money for the proprietors, the pair  planned to donate all revenue to charity. At first I was surprised when I learned that they were not planning to keep the revenue and I wanted to make sure that they understood that they would be working for free.  With the friends agreeing that it would be fun to raise money for the kids at St. Jude Hospital, we set their plan for R&R Lemonade into motion. 

I made the lemonade while they scavenged around the basement for cups and an ice cooler. They made signs, loaded up the wagon and headed up the street to set up their stand. To be honest I wasn't overly optimistic that they would attract much business. Our neighborhood isn't particularly busy, especially during the afternoon, but I didn't want to deter their efforts. I promised to visit and purchase lemonade in about an hour.

As Timmy and I walked up the street to buy a glass of lemonade, I found myself hoping that I wasn't their only customer. The smiles on their faces immediately told me that my worries were for naught. They were selling lemonade almost as quickly as they could pour it.  It turns out that those driving by couldn't resist the "Lemonade for Charity" and "Help Kids Help Kids" signs that they strategically posted throughout the development.  Everybody who stopped was informed about the efforts of St. Jude by the friends who now consider themselves self-proclaimed experts on the facility (thanks to the infomercial they watched earlier in the afternoon.) 

With all of our parental failings, sometimes I look at Robby and realize that we have done something right. His generous spirit absolutely amazes me. R&R Lemonade was open for four hours and raised a grand total of $57.  Building on their success, the pair are already making plans for R&R Cocoa during the Autumn and Winter months.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Naughty Energy

I hate being sick!  I continue to have a dragon bark when I cough, leaving me with a sore throat by the time it finally subsides. Happily the episodes are becoming further apart, allowing more time for my body to heal and to regain strength. My fever is mild, not enough to keep me in bed yet persistent enough to make me feel punky all day. Slowly but surely I am getting better. Of course, it isn't nearly quick enough for me.

Yesterday was rough because Scott was at work, leaving me solely responsible for the boys. Robby was content to play with his friend up the street for the majority of the day, but Timmy wasn't nearly as easy. He was a bundle of energy which, when not directed appropriately, quickly turns into mischief. After picking up the contents of my utensil drawer for the third time I decided it was time to change gears with my little troublemaker.  We picked up Robby and headed to his toddler playground. 

Timmy was positively giddy showing Robby around his playground. He ran from area to area, eager to demonstrate each skill to his brother. He was nonstop giggles and was smiling from ear to ear.  Robby, although he wasn't overly enthusiastic about being commandeered to a toddler playground, was an excellent big brother and humored Timmy by playing and feigning excitement.  With Timmy's energy properly harnessed, I was able to sit back and watch them play.

By the time we left the playground Timmy was tired and Robby was ready to resume playing with his friend up the street. Timmy and I spent the rest of the afternoon quietly watching cartoons while Robby was playing outside. I was grateful that Timmy didn't want to join them, because I knew that the exertion would probably set back my recovery. With another day of rest behind me, I'm hoping to be even better today.  Have I mentioned that I really hate being sick!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sick Day

Friday night we had a wonderful time at the fair.  Despite seeing all of the fun, my little guy melted down and clutched onto me with white fists when we tried to put him onto a little kid ride.  Scott and Robby rode the night away while Timmy was content to munch on french fries and wave them on as they flew by us. He seemed quite tickled watching his brother and Daddy spin, turn and whip in various directions. Maybe next year he will be ready to partake in the fun.

My ambitions of relaxing and enjoying time with my family never materialized over the weekend. I woke up Saturday morning with a harsh cough and low grade fever.  Both intensified throughout the day, leaving me feeling icky and drained. It took me until Sunday morning to admit the obvious. I was sick. 

I struggled to stay awake and alert enough to care for Timmy, but I have to admit that I wasn't the best Momom. Yesterday I provided him with an endless stream of cartoons and snacks to keep him occupied. Despite his desires, I just didn't have the energy to play. The best I could do was to keep him corralled and to keep his havoc to a minimum.  Hopefully today will be a little easier and that I will start to mend. It's really hard being a Mom when you're sick!