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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Wind Storm

Schools are cancelled today due to a powerful wind storm that blew into our area. With the exception of a hurricane, I don't remember schools ever being cancelled because of wind. Listening to the howling outside, I don't think I have ever heard it blowing so strong!

With up to 80 mph gusts, I am doubtful that Scott's flight will take off.  He will remain in Ohio until the weather is safe to travel, which is good because I don't need to worry about him in the air right now! The winds started blowing around 3 and I have been awake since I heard the first limb fall.

While I typically love our living in the woods, it is not fun during high winds. With every snap of a branch I worry that our house will be struck. Right now we still have power, but I know that is a luxury which will be short lived. With the powerful winds forecast to continue throughout the day, I am feeling extremely vulnerable. 

I am considering packing up the boys and heading to a hotel. I know that they would love to spend the day splashing in a hotel pool, and I would feel safer away from the imposing trees. I honestly don't know if I'm being a worrywart because I'm alone and hate windstorms or if going to a hotel makes sense.  

I'll make my decision when the sun comes up. Wish us luck in the storm, and please stay safe if you are in its path as well!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Obstacle Course

Yesterday Timmy and I worked throughout the morning and afternoon moving branches and logs from our yard. Although the logs weren't heavy (apparently poplar wood is extremely light), they were plentiful. Timmy wasn't phased by the vastness of our mission and had a blast rolling the logs down the hill. I found the work tiring but the fact that I could see progress was motivation to keep going. By the time Scott came home from work, we had moved the majority of the tree out of our yard. Talk about feeling accomplished (and tired)!

I wasn't sure what to do with the logs, but I quickly came up with a Pinterest worthy idea. I decided that it would be fun to arrange the logs along the side of our driveway, creating stepping stones for Timmy. With the variations in height and circumference, I essentially created a mini-obstacle course for him. By the end of the afternoon my mission was complete. I had moved the logs and arranged my stepping path. 

Timmy didn't need any prompting to walk on the logs. He quickly climbed onto the first and hopped and jumped his way up the driveway. He probably completed the course 20 times before I managed to convince him to take a break. It is safe to say that my efforts were appreciated, and that my path is a hit!

After counting the logs, I decided that it would be even more fun to take my path to the next level. In the next few days I'm going to go buy a small can of paint so that I can paint a letter on each log. As Timmy is walking and jumping we can start to go over the ABC's. 

Watch out Pinterest, this Mom's on a roll.  

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

On Our Own

After a lengthy illness, Scott's uncle passed away on Sunday, and Scott made the decision to travel home for the funeral service. After work today, Robby, Timmy and I will drive him to the airport and say goodbye for a few days.  

It is odd having Scott travel. I'm accustomed to being the one packing and flying, but this time the roles are reversed. As I was helping him pack last night, we were trying to remember the last time he traveled without us. As far as we remember, he hasn't been away from home without us since he went to take care of his Mom after surgery in 2005. (The only reason I remember the visit was because I was newly pregnant with Robby and had my first OB appointment while he was away.)  

I'm used to wrangling the kids, but I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about being the only caretaker for the rest of the week. Timmy received his shot on Monday and is sure to be a spitfire tomorrow. I'm just getting over being sick and not quite up to par, but hopefully I'm well enough to manage the kids by myself. Because I know that Scott is apprehensive about leaving, I've kept mum about my concerns because I want him to concentrate on his trip and to not worry about us.

I know that we'll be fine.  Frazzled, but fine. Of course, that really isn't much different than normal! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Top Negotiator

Last weekend we had a tree trimmer knock on our door. This is a common occurrence that happens several times a month, sometimes more during the summer and fall. Because we live in the woods and there is almost always a tree in a stage of decay on the property, trimmers often drive down the street trolling for business. Usually I just accept the card and close the door because unless the tree is going to hit our house or is a hazard in our path, we are more of a "let it fall natural" family.  

Cutting down a tree is a huge ordeal. Not only is the financial output significant, but the lawn is always left with debris and pitted. Between writing the check to having to move the cut tree sections and filling in the pivot holes, I dread the entire experience. 

The trimmers knocked at a fortuitous time because Scott and I were just discussing the dead poplar tree by the driveway. The imposing tree was dead from a two lightening strikes and the sheer size made me uneasy. Because Timmy and I play in the front yard, the dead tree made me nervous as we have been spending more time outside. As much as we hated to admit it, we needed to be proactive and have it cut down.

I hate negotiating, but I have learned that it is both necessary and expected when settling on a price for tree trimming. I have also learned to play up my advantages, which includes the fact that I am a woman with a disability. As soon as I casually mention the need for the pieces to be cut into manageable lengths, the price and the perks always improve. When the doorbell rang and we saw the tree trimming truck through the window I brushed my hair and prepared for negotiation battle.

My opponent was formidable, but I didn't fall for his tactics. His original offer of $1200 quickly dissolved as I stood firm in my resolve that we couldn't get the tree removed this year at that price.  As I thanked him for his time and began to walk away he finally agreed to my terms. Satisfied with the price and terms, we shook hands and agreed to fell and section the tree. He was scheduled to come the following Monday for the job.  

Monday came and went and my trimmer never arrived. I figured that he decided to forego the work and began to question if my negotiating had backfired. By Friday Scott and I gave up and decided to start the process again with the next trimmer who knocked on our door.

On Sunday afternoon the trimmer I hired finally showed up, one week late. I immediately went outside and told him that the job was no longer available because he failed to show up at the agreed upon time. He didn't call or make any contact attempts, so as far as I was concerned he was no longer hired. As I walked away he off hollered after me, offering to take another $100 off our price to do the job that day. I had no intention of hiring him again, but at that price I couldn't refused. I kept my face steady and agreed.  Inside I was doing a happy dance because we didn't spend nearly as much as I initially feared.  

The next few days will be spent rolling logs out of the middle of the yard. I decided that it would be fun to line them up along the side of the driveway to provide Timmy with a climbing obstacle. (Hey, since we have them we might as well have fun, right?)  I still hate having trees cut down, but at least this time I emerged as the top negotiator. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Adapted Clothing

After an extremely long week and a few weekend naps, I am finally feeling better. My cough, although persisting, is not nearly as painful or frequent. I still feel fatigued but not nearly as exhausted as I was when I was in the throws of the illness. At this point I think I just need to regain my strength, which will probably take a few more days. I feel like I have lived the past four years on the tired spectrum, so I'm pretty much back to normal.

Over the weekend I was approached by a friend who is involved with a fashion line for individuals with disabilities. She asked me to contribute suggestions for apparel modifications for limb loss/ limb difference. I love how fashion is starting to peek beyond a size 2!

Thinking about adapted clothing, the top on my list is jeans that come reinforced at the socket line. All of my jeans and pants have a plethora of tiny little holes at the socket line in the pant legs from my prosthesis poking through. While I know that I can reinforce the leg myself with a patch, I would definitely appreciate a line of clothing where the self fix wasn't necessary.  

What do you want to see in an adapted clothing line?  Drop me an email, comment or hit me up on Facebook. I'd love to bring a comprehensive list of needs to the table.