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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, June 09, 2023


Like most of the mid-Atlantic region, we have been dealing with smoke and poor air quality for the past few days. Thankfully nobody in our home has active breathing issues but even healthy it has been difficult being outside. We have kept our windows closed and our air purifiers running on high but I can still smell the smoke in our home. I can only imagine the severity in areas that are not canopied by trees. 

Even Friend seemed content to spend the day inside, lounging on the bed and snoozing with Scott. Summer vacation is in full swing with long naps and late night movies monopolizing the itinerary. The temperatures have been unseasonably cool so it feels more like they are home for a short school break. Once the heat rolls into the area I hope it starts to feel more like summer. Between the cool temperatures and the smoke-filled skies, so far vacation has been anti-climactic.  

The smoke is going to continue to lift and the thermometer is supposed to rise of the weekend. Robby is making his flea market debut with Flexi-Friends tomorrow morning. He and Scott will wake at 5 to drive to the market (which is about 45 minutes away) and to get set up before the 6:30 opening. We were cautioned to arrive early to set up and prepare for the early-bird bargain shoppers. 

Rob has been working nonstop designing and printing his little flexible toys. Priced to sell at $5 and $10, I hope that he is successful!  Please wish him luck with his venture.


Thursday, June 08, 2023


 The Canadian wildfire smoke has blown into our area, forcing us inside yet again because of poor air quality. The skies, which should be a crystal blue, have turned an ominous martian orange with a smoky haze that looks like a curse hovering over the area. We put our air purifier outside to get a reading on air quality and the display immediately shot up to the danger zone. This is our first experience dealing with air quality issues and I find it surreal.  

Timmy is less than enthusiastic about being forced indoors. He tried yesterday and we discovered that even wearing a mask wasn't enough to thwart coughing and wheezing when he tried to ride his scooter. Today will be spent inside building a rocket with Scott. 

Hopefully this smoke clears soon. Even staying inside, it makes you feel icky.

Tuesday, June 06, 2023


We have been attending the World War II Weekend for a decade and the magic still shines for Robby. I enjoy the experience but, if I were to be completely honest, looking at war machines is not among my favorite activities. However, spending time with Robby does top my list, so I focus more on the company than on the environment.  
In order to keep things exciting I have tiptoed into historical reenacting. This year, I decided to portray Virginia Hall. She has an amazing story and I was excited to share it.
Virginia was an American from Baltimore who ended up in Lyon, France during the occupation. Often referred to as a 'woman of no importance' because she was an amputee, she had a fierce spirit and more courage than I can fathom. She became entwined with the Resistance through her work with the State Department. 
She quickly excelled in her work with the Resistance, smuggling supplies and documents in her prosthesis and masterminding numerous sabotage and rescue missions. The forged documents that she transported within her prosthesis are credited with rescuing more than 150 families. She was also skilled at derailing trains and assuming identities. She became one of the most prolific spies, working with several cells and juggling multiple personas daily. 
Her exploits drew the attention of the Gestapo in Lyon, with the "Butcher of Lyon" vowing retribution when she was caught. (This dude was a hard-core sadist known for his horrific torture methods that he joyfully utilized against captured Resistance members.) 
With the Gestapo and Nazis on her trail, Virginia narrowly escaped to Spain near the war's end by walking for 50 days over the snow-capped Pyrenees on a 1930s era prosthesis. Talk about a hard core woman!
This woman lived during a time when individuals with disabilities were belittled and demeaned. She used these perceptions to her advantage and completely turned the tables on societal expectations. This woman had grit!


Monday, June 05, 2023

Back to the 1940s

 Another WWII Weekend has come and gone. It is hard to believe that this is was our 10th show. Robby has certainly changed over the past decade, but his love of this event has never waned. It was odd glancing him watching the reenactments. I saw the same glint in his eyes that shone when he was at 7. Sigh. He is growing up way too quickly!

While Scott, Robby and I were at the event, Timmy was hanging out with my mom and his cousin Jared. I was worried about his staying behind because it is only six weeks after my Mom's surgery, but she was getting around great and Timmy really did not want to go to the show. It turns out that my worrying was not necessary. Everybody came through the weekend unscathed and happy - albeit tired. 

Timmy spent his weekend reading books about space, playing with Friend and hanging out with his cousin Jared. Timmy has always looked up to Jared and delighted with the one-on-one attention. He was especially excited when Jared helped Timmy to forge his own coin. Talk about exciting! He is so lucky to have such wonderful cousins to support and love him.  

Yesterday afternoon we left the Reading event, picked up Timmy and Friend from my Mom's house and headed back to Virginia. We were all tired from the sun and the activities. This morning everybody is still sleeping because they are on summer vacation. I woke early to take advantage of the quiet hours to work.  

Welcome to summer!

Friday, June 02, 2023


 The last time I saw my Mom she was preparing to leave the rehab hospital. Nearly a month has passed since she was discharged and released to out patient PT. Although I've kept up with her progress over the phone it has been impossible to get a true gauge of her recovery. When I asked her, she simply responded that it hurt and that it was difficult. (Both are understandable but neither are terribly descriptive about her ambulation.)

I was delighted when I arrived at her house on Wednesday and saw her walking around the kitchen without an assistive device. Her walking is slow and deliberate, but she is moving! At this point the difficult part of her recovery is in the mirror. She is now working on regaining her strength and 'breaking in' the new knee.

Yesterday Timmy and I enjoyed visiting with the PA crew while Robby and Scott were still in Virginia. It was really nice hanging out and chatting outside of a hospital setting. We didn't do anything overtly exciting, but we did light up the fire pit at night for some s'mores. (Timmy was particularly enthusiastic about the campfire.)This morning the boys are packing up and driving north, stopping by here to pick me up en route to the WWII Weekend in Reading. 

Whereas Robby annually anticipates this event, Timmy is less than enthusiastic. Despite the influence of his brother, Timmy has zero interest in planes and tanks. Instead of coming, he has asked to stay with his Nana and cousins. Initially I was worried about him staying so soon after my mom's surgery, but seeing her moving and walking around, I am feeling more comfortable. 

This afternoon Robby will begin his favorite weekend of the year. Hopefully the weather holds out for us!

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Birthday Recap

 Despite having to do schoolwork, Robby had a great birthday. Based on his emotional reaction to his impending birthday on Monday night, I wasn't sure what to expect on the big day. Growing up is hard and Robby has never been a kid who relished the passage of time. He becomes comfortable with an age and, although he loves being celebrated, he has always struggled with the change. 

Yesterday he was able to push the change out of his mind so that he could concentrate on reaping the benefits. He loved his gift (a new Apple watch) and immediately began to set it up. Every once in awhile we hit it out of the park in terms of a gift. Yesterday was one of those times. 

With the birthday festivities behind us, today I am looking ahead to our next adventure. This weekend is the World War II Weekend. Robby anticipates this trip every year. While Robby loves the event, Timmy is less than impressed. (They are so very different!)  While Robby, Scott and I are going back in time to the 1940s for the weekend, Timmy will spend his time with his Nana and Aunt Sheri. 

I have to admit that I'm nervous about leaving Timmy so soon after my Mom's surgery. She is getting around better and her pain is waning, but ambulation is still not easy. I feel somewhat comforted with the knowledge that Timmy is self-sufficient and requires little more than supervision. I also know that my sister will be around to help. I know that it will all be okay, but that doesn't mean I don't worry.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Happy Birthday Robby

 17 years ago this afternoon I held Robby for the first time. It is hard to believe that so much time has elapsed since that amazing day. Today my sweet little Koopa is 17!

I have to tread carefully this year when celebrating Robby. While he is excited about his birthday he is having a difficult time processing 17. Growing up is hard.  Although the growth is exciting and wonderful, it can also feel frightening and overwhelming. Today I am focusing on celebrating Robby without focusing upon the number. 

I feel guilty because I think that Robby's anxiety about his birthday this year may have been exacerbated by a joke I made. I was teasing him and reminded him that he had one year before he was expected to be an adult. As soon as those words hit the air he froze. I saw the panic and tears swell in his eyes and I felt shattered. Although it was unintentional, I had hurt him.

Today I'm going to focus on spoiling Robby on his special day. In addition to gifts, he has asked to go to hibachi for dinner (yum) and I am making him a special cake. His day will be rather low-key (by design) but his celebration will ramp up in a few days when we are at the WWII weekend.  In the meantime, I need to work towards reminding him that he is not expected to leave in 12 months.