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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Positive Thoughts

After the pressure of a stressful class registration window, the rest of our way was laid back and fun.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous. With temperatures in the mid-70s, the sun shining brightly against a blue sky and no bugs swarming or biting, it was hard to stay inside. Timmy, Robby and I spent hours playing in our yard, digging for worms and riding bikes.

Thank goodness for blister specific Bandaids. Without the added protection and cushioning, I doubt I would have been able to walk. I am frustrated by the lingering limb issues but I'm trying to concentrate on the positives. At least I can adequately protect my limb to minimize the pain. Too many of my friends aren't able to walk at all without debilitating pain. I'm uncomfortable, but in the greater picture, I am still very lucky. 

Focusing on the positive, especially when my limb issues are involved, isn't something that comes naturally for me. I've been working with my meditation app and trying to make a deliberate effort to focus on my blessings instead of my woes. I continue to find myself drifting back into negativity but I'm becoming more cognizant about my detrimental thought processes. 

My limb is thoroughly bandaged, and I'm ready for another beautiful day outside. Today Robby is going to take his Science final before we head to the park for a celebratory picnic. I love this weather!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


I woke up early this morning, not because of Timmy but instead to register Robby for his Fall classes. He has his heart set on Early American Espionage, RPG and WWII 3D history, both of which offer limited class size and are highly coveted by teen boys. He also wants to take Baking for Teens, but it was brought to my attention that Robby's interest in the course more lies with mingling with his fellow classmates (whom he assumes will be female) than it does with baking cookies.  

Of course, it took me a little while to realize his sudden baking motivation. Robby started to stammer and deflect when I protested the course. Not keen on leaving the city at 3 PM every Friday, I pointed out that he could bake with me at any time. Finally Scott intervened, sending Robby a lifeline by pointing out that baking with friends is more fun. (It wasn't until later that Scott confided Robby's intentions for taking the baking course. Apparently, my little baker is hedging his bets that his classmates will be predominantly female.)

Registration for next year's classes opened at 6 AM. I was on the couch at 5:30, devising the best click through the catalog to secure a spot in all three classes. As soon as the website went live, I clicked through my rehearsed pattern.

Robby will be thrilled to learn that his registration in all classes has been confirmed.  The espionage and WWII classes both sold out within 45 seconds, so I am glad that I followed my instincts by getting up early. Next year he will spend every Friday in Fairfax, which will make his schedule easier for both of us. I think he will enjoy having his classes all on one day, and I know I will love spending less time in the car.

The weather is going to be 20 degrees cooler today, so I'm sure that my little Hamlet will have me outside for much of the afternoon. I still need to take it easy because of the blister on my limb, but the blister guards are working magic for the pain. I know that my limb would be healed quicker if I stayed off my leg for a few days, but that isn't an option. Instead, I'm muddling through knowing that the healing will be somewhat slowed but at least I'm able to keep up with my boys.  

Monday, May 20, 2019


Friday night Timmy's fever rose so high I was scared for him. It is torturous to watch your child sick and suffering without relief.  Thankfully his fever broke Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday my energetic little tornado was operating at full force.  I am amazed at how Timmy can become so sick, only to recover just as quickly.  

Sunday was my birthday, and by far my favorite gift was the return of Timmy's health. Watching him play, hearing him giggle and smothering him with kisses was the best possible way to spend my special day. Because he had been sick, my birthday was a low-key affair.  I met my Mom for lunch and made a nice dinner for the boys. We had cake and called the celebration complete.

To be honest, I'm glad that my birthday is over. When I was younger, I used to anticipate my birthday with the same excitement as Christmas. As a child, the concept of not loving your birthday was both foreign and unnatural. Now that I'm older, the enthusiasm for my "special day" has definitely waned. 

Yesterday was lackluster at its best, bordering on depressing. With two kids, one of whom has been sick, being spoiled and doted upon just wasn't in the cards. I went to bed last night feeling an odd sense of relief that my birthday was over. I'm ready to just move on and tackle the year ahead.  

Friday, May 17, 2019

Potty Replacement

Well, I was managed to get the swelling under control yesterday which was advantageous because I needed to be mobile so I could replace our toilet. It turns out that the fallen medicine cabinet broke not only the lid but caused a hairline crack in the tank itself. We discovered a puddle of water on the floor in the morning, forcing our hand on the toilet replacement project.

Thanks to YouTube, Scott and I were successful with our toilet replacement project. It certainly wasn't the evening we had anticipated, but we both feel a sense of satisfaction that only arises after a successful home improvement project has been completed. It feels good to know that our toilet will be in good shape for years to come (barring another disaster).

In the midst of replacing the toilet, Timmy developed a fever. I know that it is simply his immune system running amuck and that there is nothing else organic at play. In a few days, he will rebound and be his normal self. These bouts seem to arise without notice and leave just as quickly. For now, my little guy is relying upon cuddles, the Grinch movie and chicken noodle soup for comfort.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


I woke up this morning to discover that my leg doesn't fit. I tried several times to no avail. After hobbling to retrieve my coffee, an icepack and a cocktail of ibuprofen and water pills, I've settled onto the couch hoping that the swelling recedes. Thankfully Timmy is content watching Polar Express so I have some time to try to return my limb to its normal size.

I'm not sure why my limb is swollen this morning. This reaction usually only happens when I eat salty food, if I had been playing in intense heat, or when I have had too much red wine. None of the above apply, so I am going to chalk this up to one of those weird things and hope that my remedy works.  

One of the most frustrating things about living with a prosthesis is the vulnerability of my mobility. When the stars align, I can walk without giving it a thought. When one thing goes array, I struggle with pain throughout the day. When I can't handle the discomfort or I am risking injury, I am forced to go without my leg. Relying upon manufactured items for my mobility is frustrating at times, especially when everything doesn't work perfectly!

I'm hopeful that my limb size will return within an hour or two. I'll post an update later today.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Timmy's Bad Day

In all fairness, Timmy didn't mean to cause havoc yesterday. Instead of being deliberate, his wake of destruction occurred naturally. It seemed that everything he touched either broke, ended up sticky or left his little hands permanently stained. Needless to say, it wasn't the best day for either of us.

Our morning started by his tripping and spilling freshly pressed strawberry juice all over both of us, thoroughly dousing my new white shirt and his favorite Yoshi shirt.  After changing our shirts Timmy tried to vault behind the couch, where he constructed his own little fort, only to land in a large pile of cat vomit.  He emerged with his hands wailing, flinging the vomit against the walls and floor as he ran down the hallway.

The afternoon was relatively calm until he slipped in the mud in our yard. After yet another wardrobe change, he and Robby decided to go for a bike ride.  Robby fell off his bike making a sharp turn, scraping his knee.  Although he was fine, I cleaned it out and applied a bandaid when they returned home.  

Timmy, not wanting to miss out on the excitement, insisted that he also had a boo-boo. While I was cleaning Robby's real wound, Timmy climbed onto the top of the toilet and tried to open the medicine cabinet to get a bandaid for his fake injury.  The entire cabinet came crashing to the ground, smashing the lid of our porcelain toilet and spilling the cabinet contents everywhere.  Thankfully he wasn't hurt, but the mess took nearly an hour to clean. Keeping it classy, we now have aluminum foil in place of a tank lid. 

During dinner my little tornado bit his tongue, causing him to drip blood all over the table and floor.  On his way to the sink to rinse his tongue, he slipped on a train and knocked over a Tupperware bowl of freshly cut red beets. I have given up trying to remove the pink stains from the ceramic floor. Hopefully, it will wear off with time.

Although yesterday was both frustrating and exhausting, I know that Timmy was not deliberately causing messes. We both just had a bad day. I'm hoping that today is better, because I am beginning to worry about the damage being inflicted on our house and yard.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Back to Reality

My great plan of staying at my Mom's until Monday to avoid driving in the rain was a miserable failure. The rain continued to fall throughout the day, so I ended up having to tackle the wet roads despite my great plan of avoidance. The drive home was both long and miserable, but we arrived safely and without incident.  

I had a fantastic time visiting with my Mom and it's always sad to leave. Even though we were busy, the weekend just flew by in the blink of an eye. Robby and Timmy also had a fun visit, playing with my Mom and reconnecting with the Cousin Crew.  I love hearing the Cousin Crew's laughter resonating throughout her house, even when it occurs long after they should have gone to bed. I'm counting down to summer vacation when they can be together more often!

Today I'm back to reality. I have my own to-do list to tackle (assuming that I find the motivation to get started.) Hopefully Timmy's improved behavior will continue, allowing me the time I need to finish a project!