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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Leg Bedazzled...

As the weather warms and I start to wear shorts more often, I find that I want to add a little pizzazz to my prosthetic. I've painted the toenails on the foot shell, and I am ready to personalize the socket for the warmer season.

Last summer, I created a rhinestone anklet around the circumference of the prosthetic. I liked the effect, but the application was time consuming. I found the rhinestone stickers in the scrapbook section at Target. Each rhinestone had to be individually applied. It was difficult removing the backing off those tiny little disks.

This year, I selected my summer accessories from the dollar bin at the craft store. Unlike the gemstones I used in the past, these are quick and easy to apply. The little jewels are attached to a strong sticker in transparent strips. The gemstone strips were designed to decorate flip-flops, and there are a myriad of designs.

I decorated my socket before my trip this weekend. Hugh Laurie, the actor who plays Dr. House on the Fox TV show House, saw my leg and commented that he liked the socket. It takes very little to make this Mom happy.....

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