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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Bags are Packed and We're Ready to Go...

I've previously written about this topic, but I feel that it bears repeating. I absolutely hate to fly. I never minded flying before my amputation. As a matter of fact, I thought of it as a wonderful and fun adventure. Experiences after my amputation have tarnished my view of this mode of transportation.

I absolutely dread going through airport security. Sometimes the screening process is quick and unobtrusive. Many times, it is drawn out, clumsy and embarrassing. It is a crap shoot as to whether I will be assigned a competent screener who will be professional and quick, or if I will have have an employee who is either new or under trained as to how to deal with an amputee.

Dressing strategically for airport security has helped to facilitate the process. I always make sure that my prosthetic is visible so that I can thwart the explanation when I set off the metal detector. I choose my clothing carefully to avoid any metal buttons, rivets or zippers.

I opt for a sports bra so that the underwire and/or clasp doesn't set off the wand alarm. I try to avoid the dreaded "frontal pat down" at all costs. I know that the screener uses the back of her hand, but if it can be avoided. I am even happier.

Next, after dealing with airport security, I must wrangle and entertain an excited toddler before our flight. He is usually a very sweet, obedient little boy. When he becomes excited or tired, "Robby Rotten" rears his ugly head.

Last month when we flew, our flight was delayed. My husband and I took turns taking Robby on the "up downs" (escalators) for nearly 90 minutes. We forgot his leash at home, so Robby was constantly escaping our grasps and running wild through the terminal. It felt like Scott and I were constantly apologizing for his behavior.

We are flying today to go on vacation. Robby is excited because we've been talking about the trip for weeks. We told him that we are going to go on a plane, but he insists that he is traveling by boat. I am worried that we will have a showdown when we arrive at the airport when he doesn't see a tugboat!

When we travel I like to dress the family in matching shirts. It helps Scott and me visually locate each other in a crowd. Despite my "practical" reasons that I offer to Scott, truth be told I think it just looks cute. I have to give Scott credit. He is really a sport when it comes to accommodating my requests for novelty clothing.

I debated about what kind of shirt the family should wear for this trip. We have worn identical Cookie Monster and clown shirts in the past. This year, I wanted something truly reflective of our little family. I decided to make the shirts. Not to brag, but I think that they are perfect.

The shirts for Scott and I read, "Sorry about my KID." Robby's shirt simply says, "I'm the KID."

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  1. have a wonderful trip! enjoy the beach and your boys!