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Friday, August 28, 2009

Schools Back in Session

Summer vacation has ended, and Scott has returned to work. Because he is a school teacher, he gets a lengthy 7 weeks off every summer. Robby and I have loved having him home, but I must admit that I am excited to return to my schedule with Robby. Besides, my house couldn't take much more of him home for vacation before dirt, dust and clutter would start falling on our heads during dinner!

At the beginning of the summer, I made a lengthy "to do" list. I do this every year. Most of the items on my list are merely carried over from the year before. I must be an eternal optimist because every summer I fully expect to accomplish many of the projects on my list.

As with summer's before, only two items have been checked off of my list this year. The first item, make a list, was checked off in June. The second item, organize the garage, was checked off in July. To be completely honest, the garage was only half organized, but I needed to cross something off to make myself feel better!

Many people in society undervalue and underestimate the work that dedicated educators loyally perform. When summer vacation arrives, Scott is exhausted both physically and emotionally. He usually spends the first week or two decompressing and lying around.

This year, he must have been debilitated by the closing school year. He spent the majority of the seven week break lying around watching TV or playing on the computer. His behavior has caused Robby to become somewhat of a couch potato because he wanted to be with his Daddy.

With Scott and Robby relaxing and lying around most of the time, I was left with the task of trying to clean around them both. I am typically adamant that we eat our meals at the kitchen table. This summer, Scott wanted to eat in bed. This meant that Robby also wanted to eat in bed. This behavior has resulted in constant changing of the bed sheets and an irrevocably stained comforter. I know I am going to have a battle with Robby when I insist on eating at the table.

Scott's mantra for the summer: "Why are you cleaning?" Apparently my cleaning made him uncomfortable. Perhaps because of minimal participation? I have never known anybody to vacuum only the dirtiest part of the room versus the entire carpet. Strange. Many parts of our bedroom and living room have not been cleaned since June.

Scott has been lamenting the return to work for several days. I know that he has enjoyed being with Robby in the mornings. He had a wonderful summer relaxing and lounging. In time, he will return to his routine and so will I. In the meantime, I have to address the laundry piled over all the furniture, the dirty floors, and the disgusting bathrooms. At some point I am going to have to crawl under his side of our bed to retrieve his underwear, socks and a plethora of dirty dishes.

I don't want to sound as if I haven't enjoyed having him home for the summer. It is always nice to have him around and to engage in conversation beyond that of a toddler during the day. I know he is sad to be starting another school year.

As for myself, I am going to put my list in the drawer and save it for next summer. How do I feel now that Scott has returned to work? I think most wives would agree.... Seven weeks can feel like a very long time!

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