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Monday, September 28, 2009

Nana's Job Well Done.

I was in Seattle last week for a conference. While I was away, my mom (Nana) took care of Robby. I knew that he was safe, happy and being spoiled. I also have to admit that I was nervous. Every time Nana watches Robby for an extended amount of time, he returns home with new expectations and, many times, large toys.

The last time my Mom watched Robby he came home with a scooter and a trampoline. Yes, she bought him a trampoline. Apparently worrying about broken arms only extends to the first generation! Nana just smiled and said, "He likes to jump."

On this trip she kept talking about baby goats. Robby loves going to the petting zoo and has been taken with the baby goats. He loves to feed them and talks about his little goat friends constantly. Apparently he must have chatted the goats up to his Nana.

All of a sudden I started getting Facebook messages and cryptic phone calls about how to care for baby goats. Apparently they are social animals, so I would need to get two. I was trying to prepare myself in the event that two goats were delivered, along with my son, when I returned home.

Thankfully Robby returned home without any critter friends. I was informed that a fence needs to be built, and a proper home, i.e. barn, needs to be erected. She is planning on a Christmas arrival for the goats. I am hoping that Robby develops a new interest in the upcoming weeks so that Nana's attentions can be diverted from farm animals.

As with most grandparents, my mom relishes in spoiling Robby. She doesn't have to say "No." She gets to be the fun adult while avoiding the unpleasantness often associated with child rearing. Ice cream for breakfast? No problem. Breakfast in bed? Not a problem at Nana's house. All of your meals in bed? Why not! After all, you're at Nana's!

After a long trip, whether for work or for pleasure, it is always nice to relax for a day or two until the routine of life re-establishes itself. I was not afforded this luxury. My days have been spent repeating a constant stream of "No," and "You're not at Nana's anymore." I guess I can't really blame the little guy. Eating ice cream in bed, for breakfast, sounds like fun (especially if you're three.)

I am glad that Robby and his Nana have a special relationship. He deserves to be spoiled, and there is nobody more ready for the task. If we could only have a meal at the table without him screaming for Nana, I would be one happy Mommy!

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  1. Hmm? I remember a time when Aunt Peggy was looking forward to spoiling nieces and nephews. So now that your "mommy" you know how annoying someone spoiling your kid can be. It's always wonderful to know someone loves your kid almost as much as you, but it sucks being the bad guy ;o) Oh I am already taunting my own children with stories of what I will buy my little grandbabies :O)