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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Observant? Maybe not.

I have been trying to get Robby to eat Golden Grahams for several months because I bought a dozen boxes when I hit a super sale at the grocery store this past summer. I was sure that he would love them. I could not have been more wrong.

Robby has absolutely refused to eat the cereal. That is, he has refused until I took a new approach. Instead of calling it cereal, I asked him if he wanted to eat some "cookie crackers." Well, Robby certainly couldn't say no to a cookie. Voila! He now loves his "cookie crackers" and eats them for breakfast and for snacks.

Scott is very much the same way. He told me that he hates Alfredo sauce. I made it for dinner one night, but I called it a "Creamy Parmesan" sauce. He loved it. He also told me that he hates sour cream. He is wrong; he actually likes it. However, he is indeed allergic to rosemary. In retrospect I should have taken this assertion at face value!

I am able to sneak a lot of ingredients into Scott's food because he is not the most observant of individuals. Don't get me wrong, I love him. I'm just saying that his powers of observation are not the most astute.

Case in point: I painted the downstairs today. It used to be an ugly, dirty cream color. It is now a crisp light blue. I worked all day in order to surprise Scott with the painted room when he came home from work. I figured that he would be immediately surprised when he came in from the garage and walked into a beautiful blue room.

Scott came home from work and came up the stairs as usual. Robby was very happy to see his Daddy and greeted him with a big hug. After exchanging pleasantries, I waited for him to comment on the painted room.

Nothing. He didn't say a word. I decided to push the subject a little. Yes, I posed the question that must be universally dreaded by all husbands. "Do you notice anything different?"

Almost instinctively, Scott told me that he liked my hair color. I thanked him before informing him that the color was unchanged. He asked me if I got a haircut. I had not. He told me he liked my nail polish. Just FYI, my nails were covered with little splatters of light blue paint.

It has been several hours, and he has been up and down the stairs many times since returning from work. He has yet to notice the room has been painted, nor has he seemed to note the smell of paint in the air. I am not going to tell him that the room has been painted. I plan on waiting to see how many days it takes him to notice. I'll keep you posted.

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