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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yet Another Lesson Learned

Sometimes, to my detriment, I have always tried to prove that my amputation does not limit me. I want to be a role model to Robby, showing him through my example that sometimes situations arise that change the course of your life, but that it is important to persevere and never to give up. I want him to think that his Mommy is Superwoman!

I think, in my normal overzealous way, I have made a mistake. I have become so self-sufficient and independent that I have eliminated the "amputation excuse" altogether. Yes, I can do almost anything with my prosthetic. However, sometimes the activity is more cumbersome, painful and dangerous because I do have only one leg. I am learning that there is the difference between whether I can complete a task and whether or not I should.

We have just dug out of a 35 inch snowfall. On top of the snow we've already had, the ground cover is now deeper than Robby. Much to everybody's chagrin in this area, we knew that another blizzard was on its way.

After securing more provisions from the store, Scott and I set about making the house "blizzard ready." Since we live in the woods, we have access to oodles of firewood from trees that have been cut down. Although the wood was never split, the trees have been cut into sections.

I don't want to cast blame, but I did mention numerous times that it might be a good idea to move the logs closer to the house before it started to snow. My requests fell upon deaf ears, and the logs were never moved. We lost electricity in the last storm, and we are expecting to be in the dark during the encroaching storm as well. The wood had to be retrieved so that we could stay warm!

Yes, I bundled up and schlepped through the woods on a quest for fire logs. I knew the approximate location of the wood, but everything has been blanketed with several feet of heavy white snow that was waist high and made it difficult to maneuver. I was happily relieved that my leg stayed on during the walk. I was worried that the pressure of the snow against my prosthetic would cause it to come unhitched.

Finally, I found the logs. After digging them out, I realized that they were also frozen together. Shoot! I was forced to trudge back up the hill to retrieve something to pry them apart. After searching through our cluttered tool bench, I found my small trowel. Perfect!

With the trowel in hand and pulling Robby's sled, I slowly worked my way back to the wood. Scott owes me a new trowel. The prongs bent and one came off completely, but I managed to free 10 logs.

I discovered that my sense of pride was premature. I had underestimated the weight of each section. I weighed one of the logs a few hours ago, and it registered 68 pounds. There is a reason I could only pull two at a time on the sled.

I tried to channel Rocky Balboa as I was heaving the wood onto the sled. Robby was standing on the driveway, and heard the song. "No Momom. No sing Rocky. Momom sing I am Woman go Roar." At least Robby still thinks I'm Superwoman!

Five trips, pulling at least 120 pounds through 45 inches of snow. I impressed even myself with that feat. Despite being proud of my determination and strength, I was exhausted.

I also wish that I had foreseen how difficult the task was going to be because I am an amputee. My stump was sore when I was finished. I have been having a difficult time walking around the house. Physically, I am paying a high price for the "free wood."

The fire is roaring and the house is warm. The snow is falling outside at a steady, magical rate. We have not yet lost electricity. Robby told me that I am his hero but not because of my herculean task to retrieve the firewood. I am Robby's hero because we made "yummy yummy whoopie pies."

From now on, I am going to leave the manual labor tasks to Scott. I don't need to prove Superhero status to Robby through physical labor. After all, apparently my whoopie pies are "yummy in tummy" and the "best in the whole world." Praise doesn't come any higher than that!

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  1. The task you describe would be difficult for just about anyone! I am a six-feet tall woman and I'm built wide and muscular- like a refrigerator- and can lift my couch with one hand to vacuum under it. This trek for wood would have exhausted me, too! You don't look like a big girl in your videos or pics. I'm impressed.