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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Three Infirmed Amigos

I have been up at my mom's house for the past few days for a visit. Robby and I have been helping her prepare for her new business venture as a Tomboy Tools consultant. She was having hosting her first "Tool Party," and asked me to help her get setup and make cookies to serve.

The party was scheduled for 3:30 which left us the entire morning and most of the afternoon to get prepared. However, my Mom had a "great idea" and decided to borrow my sister's pick-up truck to pick up a Hoosier cabinet she had built by some craftsmen an hour away. So, instead of sweeping, cleaning and preparing the presentation, we piled into the car to drive 45 minutes to meet my sister with the truck at the woodworkers shop.

Robby loved running around the fields in Amish country with his two cousins Jacob and Jared. The Hoosier, which turned out absolutely beautiful, was carefully loaded into the truck by the woodworkers. So far, the day had been easy. I enjoyed a nice ride into the country, Robby got to run with his friends, and we didn't have to lift a finger to get the furniture into the truck. My stress level decreased, and I began to relax.

It wasn't until we drove the cabinet home and confronted moving it into the house did we appreciate the massive size. I have one leg and a bad shoulder. My Mom has herniated disks in her back, and spinal stenosis. My sister has not regained all of her strength from the chemotherapy she completed several months ago. I began to doubt that we were the correct trio to conquer this task!

We all might be on the injured reserve list for various issues, but we do share a common trait. We are determined. Okay, others might view us as stubborn, but in any case, we don't give up easily!

My sister hopped up on the top of the truck and pushed the first piece into place. I grabbed the end, and my Mom was positioned in the center. On the count of three we lifted the cabinet and began to walk. Or, at least that was our plan.

Wow, that cabinet was heavy! There was nothing graceful about the way we maneuvered the walkway and the stairs, but slowly we made progress. We only had to stop a few times to reposition our grip and to yell at the three boys who were taking full advantage of the opportunity to run amuck.

I tried to walk backwards up the stairs but quickly realized that my leg was not cooperating. After three steps I was forced to halt the operation and shuffle roles. My sister walked backwards, I walked forward and my Mom was in the middle, trying to keep the furniture from toppling over.

At one point going up the stairs my sister temporarily lost her grip on the cabinet. I know this because at that same moment the furniture's weight was supported solely by my neck and shoulder. Yes, I am a little sore now, but the cabinet never fell.

There were several dicey moments when we could have lost control of the cabinet. My sister and I both knew how heartbroken my Mom would have been had her coveted Hoosier been scratched or broken. We pushed through the pain and, against all odds, managed to get the cabinet up the stairs, into the kitchen and positioned correctly. It looks beautiful!

Unfortunately, the boys took full advantage of not having constant supervision. Jacob decided that brushing his teeth would be a good idea. I don't think he used a toothbrush, but he certainly made use of the toothpaste. The bathroom floor and counter tops were soaked and minty fresh!

Robby opted to spend much of his time in the sandbox. My Mom, thinking that it would be "fun" filled her sandbox with green sand. Yes, bright green sand. Robby emerged from the sandbox looking like a bright green piece of asparagus. He was filthy, but smiling from ear to ear and covered in sand from head to toe. This is what he looked like after the first "clean up" attempt.

With the Hoosier in place and the boys accounted for, my Mom and I set about getting ready for her party. I changed Robby's clothes, tried to brush off the visible sand, and washed his face with a baby wipe. A bath was going to have to wait; we had work to do!

Working together, we got the house ready for the big Tomboy Tools kick-off. By the time the party started my Mom and I were exhausted. Robby's sand had mostly shed, leaving him the shade of a pale green apple.

The party was a success, and everybody seemed to enjoy the cookies and strawberry lemonade Robby and I made. With her first presentation completed, my mom is feeling more confident in her new role. I'd be happy to help her with future parties. I would just appreciate not planning another big move for the same day! My mom told me to quit whining. In my defense, it is an imposing and heavy piece of furniture. Some whining is justified!

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