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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That Stings

Every morning I wake up early to begin what inevitably turns out to be a busy day. Robby is a wonderful little boy but requires a lot of attention and energy. I not only cook his meals but also prepare Scott's lunch and dinner for the family. Many times I am asked to prepare food for Scott to take to work for his students. I clean, albeit not that well, and I do the laundry. I take care of the bills and the household shopping.

Several times a week Scott will call home from work to check in. He'll remark that he is "bored." I am typically elbow high in housework or finger paints, many times both simultaneously. I bite my tongue from responding, "You're bored? I am not. I'm never bored. I'm always busy!"

I'm not complaining about everything that I do. I love being a stay at home Mom although it is a lot harder than most realize. I would not miss out on this time with Robby for anything in the world, and not a day passes when I am amazed at how lucky I am.

With all of my responsibilities, I was surprised when I was informed today that I "do not contribute significantly to the household or family."

Several weeks ago I received an invitation to apply for membership in the National Association of Professional Women. Not knowing much about the organization, I did some research. I realized that it was an opportunity to network and to raise awareness both for my blog and my website. I submitted my application, listing my previous professional endeavors as well as my website and my blog.

I had actually forgotten that I applied for membership until I received a phone call yesterday from an individual in "membership services." I answered her questions concerning my blog and my website. She remarked that my blog was "awfully cute" but that it "did not affect the positive change the organization promotes." I was promptly thanked and then denied membership.

I am insulted that a stay at home Mom is so undervalued by this group. I have also invested a lot of time on my blog and website. It may not be on par with their professional standards, but they are not my audience and I would not expect them to understand my purpose.

Receiving my denial prompted me to take to the Internet to research this "elite" organization of women. I wanted to research the standards that I failed to meet. In an act of total irony, I learned that this organization is a scam. Apparently they recruit women for membership, solicit their credit cards and charge exorbitant and undefined fees, totaling in excess of $700 a person.

I assume that, upon learning that I am a blogger and a stay at home Mom, they figured that I did not have access to a credit card. I am lucky to have been denied access. I have learned a lesson, and I will not be so quick to apply to an organization soliciting my membership in the future.

Apparently this suspect organization considers me to be unworthy of their scamming resources. In this case, my "not contributing" to the household worked to my benefit, dubbing me unworthy and assumed indigent. As for my blog not "affecting positive change," I must take issue. I am warning my readers about the suspect practices of the National Association of Professional Women, hopefully thwarting their efforts to bilk money.

I would be remiss if I didn't admit that being denied membership into a fake organization because I am considered beneath their standards stings. I am a stay at home mommy, and I work hard. Even if the organization was legitimate, I am glad that I was not admitted. I would not want to be a member of a group that does not value my contributions and my efforts. Still, being rejected by scammers is a whole new low!

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  1. they were just looking for you to be contributing with money. From another stay at home mom--I think we sometimes work way harder. My hubby always complains he's bored or wondering what I'm doing because he's not busy. With 4 kids, I am most certainly busy--just not with finger paints anymore since the youngest are 12 lol. My husband does work long hours and he is a hard worker when there is work to be done. But if there was work at home and he didn't have a job--it would not get done or he would complain how much work there is. He loves our children but could never be a 'Mr. mom' lol Also I think your blog is extremely important!!