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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TSA Press Release

Hot off the presses... I have been working with ACA concerning my experience with TSA last month. They have included my nightmare in a press release that just went out today. I am proud that my "little blog" might be a player in effecting a change that will benefit all amputees.

Click here to read the release.

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  1. Here is the response to the press release WATE in Knoxville, TN, got from TSA:

    ∙ While TSA’s number one priority is security, we also strive to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. TSA officers receive extensive training on how to respectfully screen all passengers including persons with disabilities. Every officer receives initial training on screening persons with disabilities as well as recurrent training.

    ∙ TSA developed specific guidance and procedures for the screening of persons with disabilities and investigates every claim that an officer did not follow the proper procedures, taking appropriate action when necessary.

    ∙ We work extensively with many disability groups as part of the TSA Disability Coalition, of which the Amputee Coalition of America is a member. This partnership is used as a forum to provide education on TSA screening procedures as well as solicit feedback used when developing and implementing security procedures.

    ∙ TSA is currently working with Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other similar organizations to further our understanding of prosthetics in the context of advanced imaging technology.

    ∙ TSA officers offer a private area to passengers who require additional screening. Officers are trained to thoroughly explain the procedure before it is performed, including where they will touch and how. Passengers can always request a private screening at any time. Pat downs are performed by security officers who are the same gender as the passenger.