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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pure Americana

After a week away, we are finally home. I know that Robby loved spending time with his Grandma and his aunts and uncles, but a week is a long time for a little guy to be away from home. He missed his fish, his frogs, his pumpkin plant and most importantly, he missed his kitty.

I would be remiss if I didn't give Robby due credit for his traveling behavior. To say that he was good in the car would be an understatement. He only asked one time if we were home yet. For an eight hour drive, his patience was remarkable. I could not be prouder of my little traveler!

We arrived home Saturday evening. Sunday was devoted to my two favorite sporting events: The Tour de France and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Lance proved his strength on the prologue and during the first few stages and he is now securely at the top of the peloton. Joey Chestnut kept the coveted "Mustard Belt" in the United States, eating 54 dogs in 1o minutes. Not near the record performance of 2009 when he downed 68, but still a valiant effort!

Sunday night we decided to pack up Robby and go see some fireworks. We have never taken him to see the fireworks before, partly because of the late hour and partly because of the noise and traffic. This year, because he spent the week before entertaining Grandma late into the night, we did not doubt that he would be wide-eyed and ready for some excitement at dusk. It is going to take a few days for me to shift his bedtime to a more suitable hour!

After researching local fireworks displays in our area, we settled on a display in Middleburg, VA. Middleburg is only 20 minutes from our house, but we have never actually visited this quaint little area. Charming!

Walking into the community park we felt as if we were transformed into the 1950's. Families were picnicking with the Dad's at the grill and the Moms wearing sundresses and high heels busying themselves by setting the tables. Music was playing and children were running and playing everywhere. Boy Scouts, proudly wearing their uniforms, were selling glow wands. Scott and I both remarked that we felt as if we had walked into a Norman Rockwell painting.

Although we are not residents of this town, we blended into the festivities. Robby took part in the children's annual "Tug of War" event. He held his own and only let go of the rope when I told him the game was over. We did the Electric Slide and the YMCA dances with everybody else. Even Scott got his groove on (at least a little bit).

Middleburg is an affluent area. We passed the town's Polo field when we were looking for the park. I didn't know that we had Polo teams in this area! We did our best to blend in with the residents and, for the most part, I think we were successful.

Only on one occasion did I worry that we would be pinned for outsiders. Robby was running around the playground with all of the other kids when he apparently realized that he needed to use the bathroom. Unfortunately he did not relay the need to me. He walked over to a fence at the edge of the playground, pulled his pants down to his ankles (exposing his full bottom) and began to pee on a little bush.

The mortified look on the faces of the other parents immediately let me know that this sort of thing was not done in their town. I simply pulled up Robby's pants and told him that he needs to pee in the potty and not on bushes. I kicked mulch on top of the wet spot to try to conceal the evidence. I gathered up Robby and we left the duly marked playground. After all, this is not the first time I have been shunned from public places!

In the eyes of my little four year old, the firework display was nothing short of magical. He was in awe by the colors and the "glitter" in the sky. He didn't take his eyes off the spectacle for the entire show and gleefully recounted the experience on the drive home.

Scott and I agree that, with the exception of peeing on the bushes, we had the perfect Fourth of July evening. I didn't know that town celebrations like the one we stumbled upon actually existed. I doubt we'll ever be able to afford to live in Middleburg, but at least we live close enough to crash their town parties from time to time.

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  1. Don't worry about the "bush" incident.

    It is every boy's god-given American right to pee on a bush, every now and then.