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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Superstitious? I'm not, but I find myself wanting to crawl back into bed with the covers pulled over my head. I don't want to hide because it is Friday the 13th although after the week that I've experienced, I suppose it is appropriate that it should end on this unluckiest of dates.

Robby has been accusing me of being grumpy, and I suspect that he is correct. I am aggravated with his non-poop antics. I am tired of being controlled by his bodily functions, and disappointed that he cannot attend preschool this Fall.

We haven't made much progress with his speech this week because I was overzealous after last weeks lesson. I had him practicing his "f" sounds so much that the poor little tyke developed a sore on his bottom lip. Now he is speaking incorrectly with a lisp.

Our roof is still leaking despite being repaired. My cousin, a roofer, came down last weekend to evaluate the situation. He caulked around the chimney and flashings. (To be honest, I have no idea what flashings are. However, everybody else seems to know so I've been doing a lot of nodding and agreeing when I really don't have a clue.) I do know that his caulking fixed the reindeer puncture that has been there since last November when Scott surprised me by putting the decorations on our roof.

We now drive with a battery jumper in both of our cars because neither vehicle reliably starts. We have to jump the lawnmower before we can mow the grass. I am tired of not having working batteries, yet I cannot convince Scott that they need to be replaced. I suspect he will agree when he is forced to jump start the car in the middle of a cold rain. Until then, I am becoming quite adept at using the power jumper.

I put a "gloss" on my hair. It is now falling out. It just isn't fair that my hair seems to be breaking off and falling out on my head, yet the stragglers that keep protruding from my chin show no sign of dying off. I went to the mall to try to find a new dress for a dinner I am expected to attend in California. I left empty handed, lamenting that they just don't have anything for a "middle aged, frumpy and gimpy Mom." Sometimes, despite intellectually knowing better, women just feel ugly. I am in one of those phases.

I have not been feeling up to par for the past several days. My back has continued to ache despite a heavy diet of Doan's backache pills and the near constant use of my heating pad. The spasms have forced me to waddle like a wounded duck instead of walking upright. The contortions of my trunk have caused me to put more pressure on the bone spur/bursa, causing pain in my stump. Now my back and my leg hurt!

My pain wasn't the result of a muscle spasm. It turns out that I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. I have had difficulty with my kidneys since I completed the chemotherapy treatments several years ago. The diagnosis of a kidney infection did not surprise me. It certainly explains why I have been feeling so crummy!

With the proper antibiotics now coursing through my body, I am optimistic that I will be feeling better in a day or two. When my back feels better I will begin walking erect, and my stump should stop hurting. I've increased Robby's Miralax so soon, despite his best efforts, there will finally be poop! Until then, I am taking a Mommy vacation! After all, it is Friday the 13th, and I certainly don't want to tempt fate with my track record this week.

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