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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ready for Missouri

I am leaving today for Missouri and, although I'm excited, I'm exhausted. Looking at my seemingly insurmountable "To Do" list, someone might assume that I am planning on being away for several weeks. In reality, I'm only going to be gone until Friday evening.

"To Do"

* three loads of laundry
* gather up the trash
* clean the kitchen
* cook and store 3 dinners
* prepare and freeze pancakes
* re-clean the kitchen
* print out bowling coupons
* write out House of Bounce schedule
* locate Robby's Nano bugs and various missing train pieces
* lay out 3 outfits for Robby
* find pajamas for Robby
* label and relocate fish and froggy food
* dye my roots to cover the gray hair
* pack for my trip

Typically my trips occur during the school year when Scott is working, leaving my Mom with the responsibility of caring for Robby. This is only the second time that Scott has been home and available to watch him while I'm away working, and I've discovered that it takes a lot more work from me.

I am confident of Scott's parenting abilities. He, however, remains nervous about caring for our precocious four year old without "mommy back-up." He is fretting over every detail from what to feed Robby to how to entertain him throughout the day. In retrospect, we probably did not choose the optimum week to begin potty training!

I spent yesterday trying to make Scott's stint as a single parent as easy as possible. Meals have been cooked, labeled and stowed in the refrigerator. I am fully aware that in spite of my efforts Robby's meals will be delivered through a car window in a box or bag with a toy.

We have been diligent about our potty training efforts during the past week. Robby seems to have mastered peeing, but the poop phobia is persisting. Partly out of a mixture of convenience and comfort, Robby has taken to running around the house in only his Thomas the Train underwear and a shirt. With Mommy being gone I suspect that Scott also may stop wearing pants, opting to lounge in his boxer shorts.

I expected Robby to become upset when I told him that I am going on a business trip. Instead, when he found out that he was staying with Daddy, he became excited. He told me that "Robby and Daddy will eat ice cream for breakfast, watch cartoons and pee pee in the woods on a tree." I don't doubt that Robby provided an apt description for their activities.

In spite of the imposing list of chores, I am excited about the trip. I know that I won't have an opportunity to sight-see or to enjoy St. Louis because I will be working long hours. It is draining and exhilarating at the same time. I relish these opportunities where I am viewed as something other than a wife and mother. Some days it feels as if my skill repertoire is limited to reading the Big Blue Bill book, changing diapers and cooking. I am a better person when I am afforded the opportunity to utilize other talents, to remind myself that I am more than just a caretaker.

My brand new Nook is loaded with trashy novels. I am looking forward to having a King size bed to myself and to maintaining complete control over the television remote. I also won't have to constantly check to make sure that the toilet seat is down, and the only snoring would be my own (although, for the record I do not snore). Those simple amenities transform this run of the mill business trip into a luxury vacation for this stay at home Mom!


  1. Ah yes - "pee pee in the woods on a tree" in our family this is referred to as "the male option"... Father/son bond moment!

  2. Scott is upset so I would like to clarify that he will NOT be serving Robby fast food everyday.

  3. wow a vac. without kids--I am so jeoulouse lol. Although your list is set for care of a 4yr old, the few times I've had to leave my dear hubby in charge my list has been similar along with the two page 'survival' guide I make for him, grandma and the older kids so everyone will have a reference lol. The before I leave and the return home are usually exhausting since even though there is a list--they all toss it on the counter and forget about it and opt for fast food, laundry waits for my return and any other thing they feel they can do without till I return to tackle :0( Scott seems like he is up for the job though, I bet him and Robby have a blast and you get to have fun being a grown-up and a professional lol