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Monday, November 01, 2010


First of all, I must give props to my husband. He is a wonderful sport when it comes to wearing costumes. Not only does he wear the outfits without complaint, he also fully assumes the role of the character he is portraying. He was the only man wearing a costume when we went trick-or-treating last night and seemed to enjoy speaking in Pirate and swinging his sword at oncoming traffic.

This year the boys decided to dress as pirates. This was not a surprise considering Robby's recent fascination with everything piratical. I was excited about the idea. After all, I have the perfect pirate leg and was already figuring a way I could make it look like a wooden peg.

Unfortunately Robby did not want me to dress as a pirate. I was asked to dress like a kitty cat. I was disappointed until he explained, "Kitty cats are pretty, and so is Momom." I couldn't argue with that logic and wore my black tail with pride!

I finally agreed to dress him in his costume after dinner, despite his pleas all day. I set the kitchen time for 6:00 and I told him when he heard the timer ring, it was time to leave for trick-or-treat. When he heard the timer he grabbed his bag and headed for the door. He screamed back, "Bye guys. I'm going trick-or-treating." I had to run after him to get his shoes on him!

In addition to scoring a year's supply of candy, Robby managed to collect nearly $20 for UNICEF. Robby proudly carried his little orange box and requested donations from our neighbors, explaining, "Little children can't afford food or candy and need money." I am very proud of my little Pirate!

To my surprise, we stayed out the full two hours. Robby needed to be carried home by the time we were done traversing our neighborhood. He barely moved as we changed him into his pajamas, although he did manage one last "arrrr" as I kissed him goodnight.

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