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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat + Prosthetic = MISERABLE

I have come to the conclusion that being a prosthetic-reliant amputee during the summer stinks! My stump is so swollen because of the humidity that it now feels like a sausage stuffed into a casing. The tissue is burgeoning over the top of my socket, giving a whole new meaning to the term "muffin top."

Despite thoroughly applying antiperspirant spray, I am constantly removing my liner to pour out the copious amounts of sweat. This task always disgusts me! Knowing that the sweat is not conducive to limb health, I am left with no option but to constantly pour out the yucky fluid and dry my leg. Of course, that doesn't mean that I am not going to complain about it!

With the temperatures this high, there is little I can do to make my leg feel comfortable. Of course, standing under the beating sun for the past three days building a tree house has aggravated the swelling issue. I realize that keeping my weight off my leg would help, but I feel compelled to assist with the construction. As soon as the tools are put away, I go into limb recovery mode.

I have found that my leg instantly feels better when it is submerged in the cool pool water. Yesterday, with the temperatures near 100, I went directly from the tree house to the pool. Robby thought that swimming in our clothes was a special treat, and we created a new game called Catch the Sawdust. I am amazed at how being suspended in the water for a few minutes can make the nagging burning, tingling and stinging sensations leave so quickly.

At night I have returned to wearing a shrinker sock to control the swelling. It certainly helps, but I simply don't like wearing the tight sheath. I silently curse the thermometer every time I slip the compression sock onto my leg.

The sweltering temperatures are showing no indication of breaking. Today we are taking a hiatus from the tree house construction, so I will be spending my afternoon in the pool where my limb feels best. When the humidity and temperatures are so high, being comfortable is not feasible. Instead, I strive to feel the least uncomfortable possible.

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