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Friday, August 05, 2011

Yard Work Fun

Yesterday after Robby and I finished our Golden Grahams, we put on our sneakers, grabbed our walkie-talkies and headed outside. My determination to clean up my yard was not stemming from the desire to increase our curb appeal but rather because we are hosting a picnic tonight. I didn't think it would be appropriate for our guests to have to walk over sticks, assorted bubble wands, broken pieces of sidewalk chalk and a lot of weeds.

Robby and I took opposite sides of the driveway and began weeding. He loved helping, and I enjoyed the running dialog he kept with each unwelcome plant before pulling it out. "Oh you're a nasty little bugger aren't you... well how do you like this? That's right, I've got you hanging by your roots. You're all mine (insert evil laugh)." I have to admit, he certainly knows how to make a mundane chore fun!

After we were done weeding, we moved on to consolidating our wood piles. Robby dubbed himself the official "Wormie Captain." Every time he saw a worm crawl out of the wood he called me on the walkie talkie. I, in turn, had to put the wood down and respond through my walkie talkie with an "Aye aye Wormie Captain." There were a lot of worms in the wood pile; it took over an hour to move the wood. (If I didn't have a Wormie Captain I suspect it would have taken no longer than 15 minutes.)

We worked for nearly three hours straight, but the outside is now presentable. Unfortunately, I forgot to apply bug spray, and Robby and I both suffered for the mistake last night. I felt horrible seeing the little bug welts all over his ankles and arms. My ankle was also covered with bites and it was driving me crazy all night. (A benefit of being an amputee is that I only get half the bug bites.) When I'm miserable and trying to not scratch, I sometimes envision the pesky little mosquitoes' shock and then painful death after biting into my carbon fiber socket. It makes me smile.

Despite the bug bites, yesterday was productive and fun. I normally hate working in the yard, but Robby's enthusiasm for helping made it a pleasure. I hope that he is this taken with yard work in a few months when the leaves need to be raked!

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  1. can't wait for the pics from the picnic and to hear how great it went! I bet you can get Robby into raking the leaves if you come up with a cool thing like the moon bounce lol...