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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolution Update

My resolution for 2012 was to be more accepting of my flaws and imperfections while taking better care of my emotional and physical well-being. We are one month into the New Year and, although I have meant well, I have hit some road blocks.

Between family issues, my workman's compensation issues, and various unforeseen health problems, my stress levels have skyrocketed. For many of these issues, the only thing that I can control is my response to the situation. Unfortunately, knowing that worrying is not going to change anything has been little deterrent.

I read several articles about the effectiveness of meditation to relieve anxiety. Throughout my day I have been diligent about trying to take small breaks in my routine so that I can regroup and try to calm down. I've tried to enjoy my minute vacations from reality, but unfortunately my worries keep sneaking up on me when I try conjure happy place. I always end up with a clenched jaw and tight shoulders in my frustrating attempts at relaxing.

I've been unsuccessful meditating, but I have rediscovered the benefits of exercise. Initially I experienced a lot of guilt exercising while Robby was at school. I felt compelled to put my time towards more productive activities, primarily work. When I picked him up from school I wanted to spend time with him and felt guilty taking time to myself. Needless to say, I spent much of his first semester in school feeling a lot of guilt- and not working out.

Since January I have made exercising a daily priority. After I drop off Robby in the morning, I come home and immediately begin my work-out routine. I have decided that I deserve 60 minutes everyday to strengthen my body and relieve my stress. In addition to feeling better, I have shed 6 pounds since Christmas!

Typically I would scold myself for faltering on my resolution. Instead, I am going to congratulate myself for making myself a priority for one hour each day. Meditation might not be my strength, and that's okay. Since I've been rediscovering the stress-busting benefits of exercise, I'm toying with the idea of taking up boxing. Something about hitting a bag hard seems appealing right now. I would try kickboxing, but I'm worried about my leg flying off.

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