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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Super Bug

During the past week I have been overwhelmed with emails of concern and words of encouragement for my sister Sheri. I appreciate all of the support that we have received, and I feel humbled by the outpouring of love.

Our introduction to the dreaded "super bug" began last weekend. Since being found by our mom in her car and incoherent on the side of the road, my sister has been battling a systemic infection both in and out of the hospital. Our family unwillingly has been thrown onto the medical roller coaster (again) and it doesn't feel like the ride will be coming to an end anytime soon!

We were optimistic when Sheri was released from the hospital on Monday with a PICC line, IV antibiotic therapy, and a visiting nurse set up for daily visits. We were prepared for the treatment to take weeks, but we had no way of predicting the roadblocks thrown into her path. Super bugs we witnessed are horrible, violent little germs that wreak havoc on the entire body.

On Wednesday my sister was rushed back to the surgeon with a hot spot on her breast and a low grade fever. According to Sheri, "I walked into the office and whipped out my boob. He grabbed a needle and a knife and started carving me up like a Thanksgiving turkey." I suspect that the examination was a little more involved than her version, but have no doubt that the physician needs improvement in his bedside manner!

Since Wednesday, both her hand and her breast incisions have been packed daily to drain the infection. Her antibiotics have been increased substantially and, despite the addition of Cipro to her prescription arsenal, her infection continues to spread. My heart breaks seeing her struggle.

This morning Sheri will be in surgery (again). It was determined late last night that the infection has spread throughout her breast tissue. They will be removing the infected breast tissue, reattaching her nipple and crossing their fingers that they got it all. In essence she is undergoing a modified mastectomy. I never imagined that this drastic surgery could be necessitated by an infection!

I'm worried for my sister, but I am also angry. Bad things keep happening to the good people in my life. Trust me, I have a lengthy list of people who would be more deserving of this infection! I know that it is a moot point, but I must say-- Sometimes life just isn't fair!

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