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Friday, March 09, 2012

Bickering Over the Table..

I am so glad that this is Friday. The excitement and obligations of the past week have caught up with me. I'm exhausted and, to my chagrin, I admit that I am sick. My white flag is officially waving!

Yesterday I was hoping to be able to relax, but I knew that the chances of that happening were slim. I was scheduled to give a video deposition in reference to an auto accident I reported over three years ago. Despite telling all parties involved that I did not witness the incident and that I simply saw the wreckage and called for help, my testimony was requested.

I was not pleased when I received my subpoena, so I called the lead attorney to voice my displeasure. In a firm and quasi-annoyed tone, I informed him that carving out two full days to testify in a case where my testimony has no value is absurd. I had a young child, I worked, and I had responsibilities. He was unswayed until I told him that I am scheduled to be out of town during the trial and that my testimony would have to be postponed until April.

In lieu of spending two days in a courthouse waiting for my time to speak and rather than delaying the trial, they opted to bring the courtroom to me. In a rather unorthodox move, I hosted a court stenographer, videographer, two attorneys, and one police officer yesterday afternoon. After dropping Robby off at school, I spent the morning cleaning my house, readying for the mobile court to arrive.

The videographer was waiting in my driveway when I came home from school with Robby. The afternoon was spent listening to lawyers bickering as they sat around my dining room table. The experience simply felt odd, and my feelings about lawyers were reaffirmed.

By the time the sun set, my head was pounding and I was running a fever. My throat hurts and I'm exhausted. I was hoping that I would wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately I don't think that is the case, and I suspect that antibiotics are in order. I think I caught Robby's strep throat

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  1. You can only hope that from all that maybe you gave the strep to one of the lawyers?