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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Bragging

It is hard to believe that Robby is nearly through with his first year of school. It feels like yesterday I was not so quietly sobbing in the car after dropping him off at school. (Fair warning- the thought of full-day first grade is already causing me separation pangs and anxiety.)

Yesterday I attended Robby's end of the year parent-teacher conference. Although I've been through several hundreds of these when I was teaching, somehow it feels more intimidating when I am on the other side of the table, silently praying for good news while trying to look engrossed at the pile of papers thrust into my hands.

It turns out that my fears were unfounded as Robby is doing fantastic in school. Academically he is testing above his peers and demonstrates a strength in both math and science. His teacher described him as "inquisitive and smart" and bolstered my mom ego by telling me that it is a pleasure to have such a talented and attentive student.  I tried to contain my elation, but I know that I was beaming.

Equally important, I learned that Robby has earned the reputation of "Classroom Crusader." He has a natural compassion for his classmates when they are hurt, sad, or teased. My little guy apparently has no problem going up and intervening when he feels a peer is being picked on or mistreated. The fact that my son is not afraid to reach out and help others means so much to me. In many ways I think the development of that trait  is as important as  academic achievements.

Robby has always demonstrated a strong sense of empathy and a resolve to help others. Unfortunately he does not extend these traits to his own situations. He has no problem advocating for others but seems to have a difficult time speaking up for himself. According to his teacher Robby frequently loses his turn or a desired toy because another student takes it. He doesn't stand up for himself and simply backs away. (I have no doubt he inherited this tendency from his mom!)

We are going to have to work on self-advocacy skills. I suspect that he doesn't want to offend anybody and finds it easier to walk away. I'm hoping that role playing various scenarios will arm Robby will viable options so he will feel comfortable enough to stand up for himself. I want him to be as comfortable defending himself as he is intervening for his friends when he becomes a First Grader.

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  1. After all that worry about the "K" word, you were able to mention the "F" word - first grade, without issue. Robby is not the only one making progress I see!