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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I want to thank everybody for the outpouring of support that I have received since my Mom's medical odyssey began last week. It means so much to know that people care and are genuinely concerned. The numerous emails, text messages, Facebook posts and tweets reminded me that I was not alone, and that people cared.

Yesterday morning I was apprehensive when I walked into my Mom's hospital room. She had been so ill the day before, I hoped for the best but feared the worse. To my delight I found her sitting on her bed, smiling and happily munching Frosted Flakes!

After a battery of tests, she has been cleared to start the next phase of her recovery. She is going to be moved to a rehabilitation facility where she will receive intensive physical therapy for two weeks. I know that it is going to be exhausting and painful, but I also know that she's going to rise to the occasion.

With the confidence that my Mom was no longer in medical danger, I was able to leave her for a few days. I wasn't looking forward to the drive, but I needed to come home. I missed Robby and Scooter!

I know that Robby missed me. On Monday night he called and was crying throughout our conversation, repeatedly asking when I was going to come home. It broke my heart hearing his little voice breaking up through his tears. He kept asking me to come home, but I could make no promises about my timeline. Too much was undecided and too many medical variables were in play. All I could do was remind him that I loved him and try to distract him from his emotions.

Robby simply squealed when I told him that I was on my way home. I pulled into the driveway and saw Robby running out of the house to meet me. I was greeted with him running to me and wrapping his arms and legs around me tightly as he jumped into my arms. It was the best hug of my life!

It's wonderful being home, even if it is only for a few days. Knowing that my Mom is both safe and medically sound, I have finally been able to rest. I slept soundly until 5:00, when Robby woke me up with kisses. Apparently he is still excited to have his Momom home!

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