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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leg Shopping!

Right now I am experiencing the rush that many of my friends encounter when they buy a new purse, a new tool or a computerized gadget. After two months of living with limited mobility due to a damaged prosthetic, my insurance case manager finally heeded to reason. Approval has been issued for a new activity prosthesis. I get to go leg shopping and I couldn't be more excited!

I have been utilizing a prosthesis for nearly ten years. For the majority of those years I have been afforded the opportunity to work (albeit limited) within the field of prosthetics. I understand the pros and cons of various features and have come to appreciate the sheer scope of prosthetic choices that are now available. I think I might be experiencing a classic case of information overload.

Charts and Venn diagrams comparing components and features are littering my kitchen counter. I know what I want but the long length of my limb severely limits my options. It is ironic that my frustration should stem from having too much leg!  If I could turn back time and redo my amputation, I would request my limb to be a two inches shorter so that my prosthetic options wouldn't be limited by the short clearance between my leg and the ground.

After much evaluation, I have my choice narrowed down to three and look forward to test walking each foot before making my decision. I realize that this process takes time, but considering that I'm choosing something that I will rely upon daily, a few extra hours seems like a reasonable trade.

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  1. What are the names of the three feet that you are considering?