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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My Year in Review

 AmputeeMommy--  2012


On a warm January afternoon, Robby and I went on a nature hike. We encountered a skunk den. The angry skunk sprayed everything, including my prosthetic.  


                    I was talked into climbing a rock wall.  I survived, and I made it to the top!


Robby and I traveled into DC to film a PSA for the Amputee Coalition.  He certainly does love being on camera!

                                                 He also started ice skating lessons!


We traveled to New York City. Our PSA was streaming in Times Square!  We had a great weekend.


                         Like a scene from The Hunger Games, I survived a tracker jacker attack.

Robby turned 6 and we celebrated with an "epic party."


In June Robby started swim lessons.

We went to Baltimore for the Star Spangled Sailabration!

We went to Ohio to visit Grandma and she took us to her special fishing hole. Robby caught a LOT of fish.


In July we went to Dutch Wonderland. Robby and Daddy had a blast on the rides. I got sick and vomited in the Men's room.

I did enjoy the slide though!

Scooter bought a scooter!

We built a pool...

and it collapsed...

And then we learned How to Train a Dragon.


In August my Mom had a double knee replacement. I moved into her house for several weeks. Robby and I took full advantage of a vacation at Nana's.

We had fun, but he was happy to see his Daddy!


 In September my little guy started school...  Thankfully Mr. Bill was there to cheer him on and hold my hand when I cried on the first day!

He loves his teacher!
                                                     We went on a special trip to the circus.

 And we even found time to pick pumpkins, peanuts and apples.


We survived the hurricane in October. We helped Mr. Bill rebuild his fence after a tree fell on it.

                                                                   My Army men!
                                                        Room Mom duty-- Halloween Party.


                                                         We went to Nana's for Thanksgiving.

                                                             We cut down Christmas trees....

                                              and I fell on a branch, injuring both legs.


                                                 In December we went on a cruise!

He lost his first tooth...

 and survived his first tropical disease.

                                               But he recovered in time for Christmas!

Thank you for being part of this amazing year.  I'm looking forward to another year of adventures, changes and unexpected twists.

Whatever happens in 2013, you can rest assured that it'll be in the blog!

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