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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toothless Koopa

Last night, in addition to his beloved Black Bear, Robby slept with his pocket pillow. After all, it was important that he keep the pillow close because tucked inside was a tiny little treasure. He lost his left front tooth and he was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tooth fairy!

Robby is missing all four of his front teeth and now resembles a hockey player. He thought it was really "epic cool" until he realized that eating a fried chicken leg was going to be difficult and messy without the front chompers. Thankfully a few cups of vanilla pudding snacks softened the chicken blow.

His two bottom teeth fell out during the throws of Dengue Fever. Apparently it is not uncommon for teeth to fall out prematurely during extended periods of a high temperature. Who knew! Although they will eventually grow in, he is rendered toothless until it happens. My meal planning has been significantly impacted as I try to come up with dinners that are soft enough to be eaten with minimal chewing. I see a lot of pasta and rice in the coming days.

My little snaggletooth koopa is growing up! I realize that losing teeth is a rite of childhood and an exciting event in a six-year-old's life, but I never appreciated the milestone from a parental perspective. I remember nursing my little baby through the teething pain. We were all so excited when each tooth finally cut through the gum signaling the end of his discomfort. Now those same little teeth are sitting in a ladybug box tucked in the back of my dresser drawer, and my infant is now a school aged child.

When I reflect upon Robby growing up, I continue to get a lump in the back of my throat and a heavy heart. I love watching him learn and change, but something about looking back always makes me sad. Therefore, I try to avoid reflection at all costs and stay in the moment as much as possible.  I don't like feeling sad!

Most of the time I am successful at avoiding the growing up heartache. The feelings only pop up when milestones occur such as losing his front teeth. I wish I could keep him young for just a little longer. Unfortunately, I know that before I realize it, he'll be grown up and gone and I'll be left with a container full of teeth and a lot of memories.

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