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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Perfect Fit

Have you ever worn sneakers past their prime only to realize the fact when you slip into a new pair? All of a sudden your feet are cushioned and supported, forcing you to realize that you had slowly gotten accustomed to the deterioration of the worn pair. This is the same experience I had yesterday only instead of a pair of shoes, it was my socket.

When I received my prosthesis for my MOD III four years ago, it was the perfect fit. Over time, and especially since the fall in November, my once custom fit device morphed into quasi-comfortable. I didn't realize how many small accommodations I was making during my daily routine. From stopping to release the pressure valve each time I sat to realigning my leg throughout the day, the little adjustments were becoming part of my life.

My limb changed slowly over the years, and apparently I naturally adjusted to the changes. It wasn't until I stepped into my new socket on Monday that I recognized how uncomfortable my leg had become. The difference is marked, and I'm shocked that never noticed the inadequacies of my other socket. 

Compared to my previous prosthesis, my new socket has a visibly different shape. Elliot (my prosthetist) was able to flare out the walls to protect the developing neuromas and to channel the inflamed nerves. I stepped into the new prosthesis and felt the instant realization that I was not in pain.

Although I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened, I have been struggling with an uncomfortable socket for some time. Suddenly being presented with a device that caused no discomfort was euphoric. My love of walking has returned because the socket no longer causes agony! 

From now on I am going to be more cognizant about limb changes. Just like any item that receives heavy use, sockets and prosthetic components do not have an indefinite life. Next time I find myself making those small adjustments, I'm going to go straight to my prosthetist for a fit check. 

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