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Monday, August 19, 2013


Yesterday was dreary and grey which equated to the perfect time to take Robby to the movies. He has been chomping at the bit to see Planes, but since I don't like sitting inside when the weather is nice, we have been waiting for bad weather. He immediately began asking to go see Planes almost as soon as he peeked out his curtains in the morning and saw the rain. I was slightly concerned that the movie would not live up to the Robby hype, but I am happy to report that we both gave it five stars! Robby was enthralled from the beginning scene, and I was entertained enough that I wasn't fidgeting and trying to figure out how long we had been sitting.

I love going to the movies with Robby because his animation makes me smile. He is always quiet, or rather I should say that he tries to be silent, but he quickly becomes enveloped by the plot. He holds his breath, ducks, covers his eyes, gives high fives and clenches his fists during all of the action sequences. After 90 minutes of high flying Planes fun, he was exhausted!

Sometimes Robby becomes so involved in the plot that he forgets his movie theater manners. Yesterday this happened after the final scene of the movie when his favorite little plane finished the race. Always enthusiastic, Robby jumped up and screamed, "Now that's what I'm talking about. Don't mess with the United States of America- oh yeah!"  I should probably note that this was an odd reaction because there was no patriotic theme in the movie. Nowhere was the nationality of the planes was not a subplot, so I'm not sure why Robby took the celebratory opportunity to make a patriotic reference.

After several uncomfortable seconds of silence,  a few fellow movie goers began to clap. Then the applause began to build and somebody shouted, "Way to go Dusty (the name of the plane)." Before I knew it the entire theater was as animated as Robby, cheering the little plane and shouting patriotic declarations.  I am not sure why, but somehow my little guy managed to whip up a patriotic frenzy after an animated movie about planes!

His enthusiasm continued during the drive home. I was delighted that he actually put down the IPad and talked non-stop, recounting every plot twist. I still don't know how Robby managed to turn Planes into a patriotic movie, but I'm glad that he thought it was the "best movie of his whole life."


  1. I haven't seen the movie, but I did read one of the Planes books to my nephew and some of the other planes clearly had nationalities (Ishani from India, El Chupacabra from Mexico). Plus one of Dusty's friends (can't remember the plane's name) had previously been in the military. Maybe he read the same book?

  2. I hadn't even had heard of this movie tell reading this post but after I looked it up and now I will have to go and see it. Sounds great and I am always taking other peoples takes on movies into consideration. Thanks for sharing :)