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Friday, October 18, 2013


Thursday night I did something totally outside of my normal routine. Leaving Robby and Scott to fend for themselves, I went out with a friend for dinner. I realize that the simple act of sharing a meal with a friend is commonplace for many, but it has become a treat for me. Although I was tired, I was looking forward to seeing my friend Dave. I was also excited about participating in an adult conversation without constantly trying to keep a little boy entertained. 

Thanks to my GPS, I located his hotel quickly and without the frantic u-turns that often plague my driving when I am navigating in unfamiliar areas. Unfortunately, that was the only time I didn't become lost. I have to admit that Dave demonstrated extreme patience while I looped through the airport, down two separate toll roads, and around several confusing turns before finding The Cheesecake Factory. It wasn't the Cheesecake Factory I was looking for which was only three miles from his hotel. I had managed to find one on the other side of town, a mere 28 miles away in the opposite direction.

Despite the unintentional scenic drive, we managed to relax once we were at the restaurant. We were able to catch up and even began planning some future projects. Before I knew it, we were back in the car as I tried desperately to navigate our way back to his hotel. Somehow I managed to return him without revisiting  toll roads and the airport.

I had a wonderful evening out, but I returned home exhausted and ready to collapse in bed. I'm just not used to going out at night! I kissed Robby good night and fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. 

Morning seemed to come quickly and, despite wanting to sleep longer, I managed to pull myself out from under the covers. Nothing I did helped to waken my senses; I felt like I was operating on autopilot as I got Robby fed and dressed for school. Of course the fact that I have had to give up coffee did not help the situation!

As we were walking to the car I suddenly remembered that I needed to find my other leg because I needed to take it to Elliot for a socket change in preparation for the video shoot this weekend. Robby and I ended up spending the next 20 minutes frantically rummaging through the house and car for my leg.  We found it, but he was going to be late for school.

Robby has never been late for school, and I felt horrible that he was tardy because of me. I wrote him a note to give to his teacher. It didn't occur to me until later that it might have sounded odd.  "Please excuse Robby for being late. I couldn't find my leg this morning and he was helping me look for it." 

After getting the sockets switched, I drove home and sat in my rocker to do some work. I woke up two hours later. I guess I'm going to have to limit my evening adventures until the pregnancy is over and I can resume my coffee consumption. I'm too scattered when I'm tired!

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