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Monday, November 18, 2013

Relaxing Weekend

Much of last week was spent working on a massive proposal. The imposing paper forced me to put everything else on hold so that I could complete it by the deadline which was last Friday. After working seemingly nonstop, I felt a sense of both relief and pride on Thursday afternoon when I converted the final document to a PDF and hit the "send" button.

With the document successfully completed and sent, I spent Friday decompressing and relaxing. I wanted to do something fun that would help me get into the holiday spirit. After wasting some time searching the internet, I resolved to be somewhat productive and decided to go to Toys R Us.

I had a wonderful afternoon just walking through the aisles, looking at all the possibilities. Despite the temptations, I ended up purchasing only two things. I was proud of myself for the restraint I demonstrated, and I was also delighted that I had managed to nab what turned out to be the last Lego Advent calendar in the DC area. I know that Robby is going to be so excited when the Elf leaves the countdown toy for him on December 1st. 

Robby wasn't feeling well on Saturday, so we spent much of the day watching Scooby Doo and Christmas movies on the couch. Thankfully by Sunday his fever was gone and his energy had returned. Although he was feeling better, the fact that he was content quietly playing with his army men was an indication that he had not completely recovered. My leg was hurting on Sunday (probably because of the weather) so I was just as content to sit in my rocker and watch him play.

My plans of decorating for the holidays never materialized. I figure it's a good thing that I have decided to start early because I might actually get around to doing something by the time Christmas rolls around. This week is gearing up to be busy, but not nearly as hectic as the past few have been for us. Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish something beyond my professional obligations in the coming days. After all, Christmas is only 36 short days away!

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