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Monday, April 07, 2014

Bump Rubbing

I had to work Friday night and Saturday which meant that Scott was on full-time Daddy duty. I knew that the pair would be fine and have fun while I was working, but I always feel a sense of anxiety leaving them alone for long periods of time. Over the past few years I've come to accept that the house operates under a different set of rules in my absence, and I have tried to adjust my expectations accordingly. As long as nobody ends up in the hospital, I consider my time away to be a success.

Robby was delighted about the prospect of his "Daddy and Me" weekend. He excitedly informed both his Principal and his teachers that his Daddy, not his Momom, would be picking him up from school. Unfortunately he continued to explain that "Momom is working tonight so that means me and Dad will go to Sheetz for dinner. Then we are going to play Xbox all night in our underwear." There is no adequate way that I can explain the zeal with which Robby disclosed this information. For some reason which I will probably never understand, playing Xbox while wearing only underwear is a premium treat in this house. 

While Scott and Robby were reveling in their "Momom free" bacheloresque ways, I was working at a local conference for children with disabilities. I typically enjoy working conferences because I find meeting and talking with new people to be fascinating. My conference experience was different this time. Being eight months pregnant and uncomfortable certainly hindered my enjoyment of the event. I quickly grew weary of standing, smiling and making small talk.

I understand the compulsion to touch a pregnant woman's belly. While I have never acted on this urge, I know that it is well-intended and isn't meant to be rude. Typically I just smile and opt not to make a scene out of the physical intrusion on my personal space. However, by the time we were packing up the table on Saturday evening, I was ready to kick the next stranger who felt it appropriate to rub my belly.  During our down time I found myself fantasizing about returning the affection by rubbing the offender in the belly, or on their bald spot should they be a male. While I would never do it, primarily because I was trying to remain professional, I was able to conjure some wonderful scenarios which made me smile!

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