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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Comprehension Issue

On Friday Robby and his cousin Tiffany accompanied me on errands. On the way home we decided to surprise Nana with some donuts. (Apparently the love of sweets has a strong genetic link.)  Typically quick with complaints when I add stops to the errand run, both of my young passengers were delighted by this impromptu stop.  They were more than willing to help me pick out the sugared and decorated treats.

After showing me the donuts that they wanted, the pair stood behind me towards the entrance of the store. After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally handed my box of donuts. (I almost recommended that the employee enjoy one of their sugary confections to get some energy, but I thought better of my observation and simply smiled.)  I turned around to gather the kids and leave only to realize that they had migrated to the outside door.

When I reached them, neither one of them had their shoes on, and Robby was in the process of desperately trying to remove his shirt. Tiffany, his slightly older cousin, was uncomfortably pulling at the bottom of her shirt. But Robby was really struggling to strip down. Surprised by their sudden disrobing, I snapped, "Robby, put your clothes on. What do you think you're doing!" 

He looked at me with an expression of great concern and pointed to a sign on the door.  "Momom, they should not have served you.  You see there (pointing to a hand written sign on the door.)  "See here. It says, No Shoes. No Shirt. No Service." 

While he has certainly come a long way in his reading, we obviously have some more work to do on comprehension. 

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