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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Next Steps

I was proud of the response from the amputee community to the detrimental medicare proposals. Not only did we obtain the necessary 100,000 signatures in 17 days, I later learned that ours is the only disability-oriented petition to reach the signature minimum. We are anxiously awaiting our response from the White House but I have been warned that it could take up to six weeks. I have to admit that I worry that by the time a response is issued, the medicare committee may have already come to a decision.

The petition, the letter writing campaign and the #NotALuxury movement all worked to rally the community, but the work is not done. Dave and I recorded another episode of Amp'd to provide step-by-step instructions about how to continue to press this issue. The community must continue to press this issue, and right now the most advantageous routes are through the media and through our elected congressional officials.

I took advantage of my proximity to Washington DC and requested appointments with my legislators. I am definitely going outside of my comfort zone, but I believe so passionately in this issue that I am willing to try.  I'm nervous but excited about this advocacy opportunity.

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