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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Second Opinion

After much thought, I have decided to secure a second opinion concerning the multiple organ prolapse I am experiencing. I am willing to undergo the physical therapy if it is warranted, but something in my gut (no pun intended) keeps telling me that it isn't the correct course. I don't know if this feeling stems from my not wanting to endure the therapy, or if I am correct in believing it isn't the correct medical intervention.

Part of me believes that the therapy was prescribed as an effort for the surgeon to delay the operation due to his hectic schedule. Since he has assumed the patients for another doctor who is recovering from hip surgery, his case load has almost doubled. The receptionists and the surgeon made it abundantly clear that they were overbooked because of the situation. I left the office with an overwhelming feeling that my issues were being put off because of their scheduling conflicts.

Today I am going for my much anticipated second opinion. I'm not looking forward to the examination, but at least now I will know what to expect.  I'm nervous but I'm trying to remain optimistic. At this point I am anxious to see if the prescribed course of action is similar to what was already suggested.  Hopefully I will leave the appointment with a plan that makes sense, but I'm worried that I'll end up more confused.

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