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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Surgical Update

I have an extremely brave little boy. Although he was nervous about his surgery, he handled everything like a champion. He remained composed and polite despite his surgical anxiety. I could not be prouder of my little Koopa.

The surgery lasted longer than anticipated, which had both Scott and me on pins and needles in the waiting area. Robby's right ear (his bad one) had more scar tissue than anticipated during the pre-op assessment, requiring the surgeon to spend more time cleaning out the canal. The entire ear drum was blocked by debris. 

Robby's left ear also had significant tissue build up which needed to be scraped. It was discovered during the surgery that the debris had punctured through his ear canal, leaving him with a hole. I guess now we know why he has been complaining of pain. 

Because the surgery was more involved, my little guy experienced more discomfort last night than we originally anticipated.  Again, he handled everything like a little warrior. In a few weeks we will have his hearing checked again, but the surgeon is optimistic that significant hearing has been restored through the surgery.  Until then, we're going to encourage him to take it easy and let everything heal.

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