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Thursday, October 13, 2016


I absolutely love this weather. There is something rejuvenating about spending the day outside under sunny skies with brisk temperatures. Cool enough to require long pants and a sweatshirt but not cold enough to be uncomfortable, I think that the past few days have been perfect.  After months of stagnant hot temperatures, it is nice to pull out the jeans and sweaters again.

It always takes me a few days to adjust to wearing long pants again. Dressing in shorts is easier than jeans.  Even after a decade of experience, in autumn I always forget to remove my prosthesis and thread the cuff over the socket when getting dressed. Instead I find myself struggling to push and guide a rigid foot through a narrow jean opening. Maybe one of these years I will remember my jean trick the first time.

My dressing method isn't the only thing that changes when I am wearing jeans. After having my leg fully exposed throughout the spring and summer, my "disability" is again disguised. It is odd . blending in with everybody else. In a strange way I feel like I am somehow being dishonest by keeping my prosthesis concealed.  Of course I realize that is nonsensical, but it doesn't negate the feeling that I am somehow sneaking around with a secret. 

In a few days I'll be able to get dressed without thinking about it and I won't feel incognito when venturing in public. Blending in will become my new normal, at least until the seasons change again.

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