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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Falling Snakes and Pig Pens

With a brief reprieve in our rainy and dreary weather, I decided to pack up Timmy and head to the farm. I knew that it was going to be muddy, but it turns out that the ginormous puddles were the least of my issues. While he had a blast, I could best sum up the trip as memorable. 

Our adventure began while driving on the meandering road through the countryside. It doesn't matter how many times I drive the route or what season it may be, the view is always spectacular. I'm in awe of the beauty of the picturesque farms and rolling hills. Timmy was amusing himself by pointing out the animals he saw in the pastures and making the corresponding sound.  His mooing was interrupted by a loud kerplunk on the windshield.
A large snake had fallen onto my windshield. I screamed. Then Timmy screamed because my reaction had scared him.  Soon we were both nearly hysterical as I was frantically driving with a dead snake on my windshield.  (I can't be positive but I'm fairly certain it was dead when it fell onto my car. I suspect a bird dropped its prey onto our SUV.)

Although we were physically unscathed by the unexpected guest dropping in on us, I have to admit that Timmy was not the only one to arrive at the farm with wet pants. I changed his diaper, tied a sweatshirt around my waist to hide the tell-tale wet spot on my shorts before we headed into the farm to play. As much as I tried, it's hard to muster confidence when you know that you had wet your pants because of a fallen snake. 

While we walked around to air out my shorts, Timmy happily jumped in the muddy puddles. He was wearing his rain boots, which were of little consequence. He splashed with such gusto that he was covered with muddy water from his chest down. He was soaked, but at least his socks were dry in his happy face boots. 

We were standing in the baby pig petting area when my Mom called.  While talking with her, I saw Timmy leap into what he anticipated to be a normal puddle. Only it wasn't a puddle. It was the pig trough. Instantly he was up to his chest in muck and smelly gunk. 

I managed to pull him out and corral him back to the car. Despite his vocal protests, I refused to carry my little mud puppy. I stripped him down (pulling old food scraps off his thighs and out of his boots) and put him in new diaper. We didn't have an extra shirt (poor planning on my part) but I did find a pair of his pants in the trunk of the car. Unfortunately they were only a 12 month size, so he ended up wearing rather snug capris.  I'm sure we were quite the sight in the parking lot!

After his escapade in the pig pen, we decided to head home. I used the last of my window washer fluid to remove the remnants of snake blood from my windshield, ditched his clothes (I didn't want the smell in my car) and put my mildly soiled sweatshirt in the trunk. This was definitely an adventure at the farm that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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