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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fun Weather = Outside Play

Yesterday Timmy and I spent the majority of our day outside, playing in our yard and throwing sticks into the woods. He is at that delightful stage where he finds assisting with yard work fun. I love this stage, but I only wish the enthusiasm for picking up sticks would transfer to other tasks. For some reason cleaning up his trains isn't nearly as motivating as relocating sticks.

After spending the afternoon outside, I thought that Timmy might be tuckered out. I was wrong. As soon as we picked up Robby he began to squeal and point towards the park. So, after spending four hours in our front yard playing, we switched gears and spent another hour at the park. I really wish I had his energy!

Robby becomes frustrated with his little brother, but he does a really nice job playing with him when they go to the park. Timmy followed him like a shadow, happily tagging behind as Robby climbed, swung and slid. Whatever Robby did quickly became Timmy's goal to master. It's no wonder I have a little daredevil- he is just trying to keep up with his 11 year old hero.

Today the weather is supposed to be even nicer, so I think we'll head to the farm. The strawberry fields are open and I am hoping that Timmy finds as much joy picking berries as he did moving sticks. If he does, we will end up with buckets of berries in record time.

 I think I need to get as much work out of my little guy as possible before he realizes that picking up sticks isn't an exciting game but is, instead, a chore.

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