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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Coney Island Park

We had a fantastic final day in Ohio. 

Scott researched local attractions and discovered a small amusement park about an hour from his Mom's house. After looking at the website, we decided to roll the dice and give Coney Island Park a try. (I have been tickled with his sudden efforts towards planning family adventures. Traditionally the onus for planning always lies with me. It's wonderful to have an active co-conspirator towards orchestrating family fun!) Again we were treated to an ideal weather day, making going to an amusement park even more enticing.

Although it was small, the park was ideal for our little family. Robby and Timmy are on different sides of the ride spectrum. Robby is drawn to the thrill rides whereas Timmy would be content to ride on a train and small airplane carousel all day. At most amusement parks we would have to split up, with Robby and Scott going on the adult rides while I supervised Timmy in the toddler section. At Coney Island Park, the rides were in the same area. I could watch Timmy on the carousel while still seeing Robby ride the roller coasters with his Daddy.

Both boys had an awesome day riding and playing. Timmy was even able to go on a few rides with Scott and Robby, an event that delighted him and led to squeals of joy and laughter. Little Hamlet loves nothing more than spending time with Robby and is quick to mimic everything he does. Being able to sit next to him on a (smaller) thrill ride was probably the highlight of his day.

Today we are packing up and flying back east. Robby thinks we are going home, but Scott and I have another surprise planned. Instead of going directly home we are going to take a beach detour for a few days. I know he is going to be gobsmacked when he realizes that we are going back to the beach!

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