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Friday, September 08, 2017

Emergency Prep

Scientists have become increasingly adept at predicting both the size and the scope of looming storms. While they are not always 100% on target, their collective forecasts should always be treated with respect and with caution. Hurricane Irma has virtually obliterated the Caribbean Islands (include where Scott and I were married) and the photos that are emerging are incomprehensibly devastating. 

With Texas cleaning up from Harvey, the wildfires ravaging the West and Midwest, and Irma holding Florida in her cross hairs, Dave and I wanted to provide some information about how to prepare for an emergency. Evacuating is always stressful, but the added complication of a mobility impairment can complicate the already difficult situation. 

Yesterday afternoon we recorded a special edition podcast dedicated to emergency preparation for the limb loss community. From how to protect your prosthesis from water damage to safeguarding your limb from infection, tried to cover the various scenarios that may be encountered both those forced to evacuate.  Please take a look at our checklist (www.ampdpod.com) and spend a few moments preparing for the worst case scenario.  

Stay safe and be prepared.

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