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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Ear Infections

When I was younger I was prone to ear infections. I remember laying my head on a hot water bottle, ear drops topped off with cotton balls and having to choke down (unflavored) pink medicine several times a year. By late elementary school my constant ear infections began to wane, and by middle school I was no longer having ear issues.  

Yesterday my no ear infection streak came to a crashing end. I woke up with pain in both ears and my childhood memories came flooding back. It had been over 30 years, but I instantly knew that my ears were infected.  

I tried to wait until Scott came home from work before going to the doctor, but by lunchtime I was miserable. I packed up Timmy and we headed to the walk-in medical clinic. My self-diagnosis was correct and the doctor prescribed antibiotics and ear drops to treat my ear infections.  

This morning I am still in pain and feeling miserable. Unlike when I was younger, staying in bed and laying on a hot water bottle throughout the day is no longer an option. Timmy is ready to play, and he isn't old enough to understand that Momom needs a medical time-out.  Hopefully the ear drops and antibiotics will start to work quickly, otherwise it is going to be another long day.

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