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Friday, January 05, 2018

No Snow Day!

The phone rang yesterday at 4:45 in the morning, jolting me awake with a fright. Whenever the phone rings so early I immediately fear bad news. With foreboding panic I scrambled to answer, knocking over just about everything on my night side table as I tried to locate the phone in the dark. The phone ringing didn't wake Scott up, but my knocking everything onto the floor in my attempt to answer it certainly did.

It turns out that the call was not announcing bad news, but was a robocall from Scott's work informing us of the school cancellation. I was shocked that school was cancelled because when we went to sleep we were only forecast for a dusting of snow. Scott quickly fell back to sleep, content in the knowledge that he had won the vacation lottery. I had more trouble getting back to sleep and finally surrendered to being awake.  

Both Robby and Scott's schools were closed yesterday because of the extreme cold. It was certainly too cold to spend any time outside, even to just go to the car, so I was content to stay indoors. We kept the fire going all day and Timmy and I spent the afternoon baking to keep the kitchen warm. (Timmy was delighted to have everybody home again and was in a much better mood.)

Schools are closed again today because of the cold. I appreciate the schools calling off early Thursday evening, keeping me from the panic of a ringing phone obscenely early in the morning. It is forecast to be even chillier than it was yesterday. I have no intentions of leaving the house. Thankfully my baking pantry is fully stocked and I have a happy little baker to help me keep the kitchen warm. 

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